One of the most debated issues today is the issue of healthiness of foods. Today, we're going to steer the argument forward by comparing fish and meat.

Fish and meat are delicacies eaten almost everyday by everyone, so, we shouldn't be kept in the dark about what we eat.

Let's start by reviewing what they can do for us.



Who doesn't know fish?

Fishes are natural seafood rich in many vitamins and minerals and contains protein of high biological value.

Fishes also contain Omega-3 fatty acids and DHA (confused? That means Docosahexaenoic Acid).

These make fish one of the most essential foods for healthy growth and development, --and personally, my favourite.

There are mainly two types of fish, fatty fish and lean fish.

Salmon, tuna, sardines and mackerel are some healthy and rich varieties of fish.

Remember, we're comparing fish and meat and trying to bring out the better.

Is fish better than meat, or is it the other way round?

To make any valid and fair conclusion, we should take a look at the nutritional value of fish.

Nutritional Information Of Fish.

For a 100 grams serving of an average fish (no added fats during preparation).

A 100 grams serving of fish contains 84 calories, wow. And the recommended daily amount stays at about 2000.

So, I still have 1,816 calories eatable after enjoying 100 grams of fish. That's far below that of beef which is...

I'll tell you when it's time.

Anyway, the some of the other nutrients contained in 100 grams of fish are as follows.

Total fat content is 0.92g which is about 1% of the recommended daily intake.
Saturated fats: 0.195g
Polyunsaturated: 0.364g
Monounsaturated: 0.16g

The total cholesterol content is 58mg which is about 19% of the recommended daily dietary cholesterol intake.

Sodium: 81mg and 3% of the RDA (Recommended Daily Amount).

Fish contains no carbohydrates, dietary fiber or sugars. This is something that people like you and I trying to lose weight will love.

However in a 100 grams serving of fish, we get 17.76 grams of protein, 13 milligrams of calcium and 351 milligrams of potassium.

It also contains iron, vitamins A and C in micro quantities.

And So What...

To many people, maybe including you, those are just numbers and percentages compiled by health oriented scientists.

But in actuality it's not.

What does the nutritional information mean?
How is it going to be of benefit?

To answer your questions, I'm going to let you know about the importance of fish.

What Are The Importance Of Fish?

Fishes are very important in many ways.

They are important for almost all of our organs and systems to perform functionally.

The nutrients mainly supplied by fish work excellently to ensure the normality of the body in aspects such as.

Brain and Eye.

The abundant presence of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A and DHA (already told you the meaning) help the growth and development of brain tissues.

Good eyesight is also maintained as these nutrients reside in and nourishes the retina.

In this way, fish will help in maintaining good eyesight and develop your brain.

Concentration Level.

So you couldn't finish a twenty pages book because you had difficulty focusing on what you just read?

Grab some fish!

Some important nutrients abundant in fish are good for promoting your concentration level. This may lead to good behaviour and reading skills.

Fish is also known to prevent ADHD (don't worry, it means Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

Take up a good dictionary and look up the words to find it's meanings.

Better Sleep.

Suffering from insomnia? -- get a fish.

Some types of fishes, such as salmon contains a special amino acid called tryptophan.

Tryptophan is naturally a sedative agent and will make you sleep, and, as you know, it's relaxing to sleep.

No wonder I sleep like a baby whenever I eat fish.

Heart Healthy.

Heart attack and stroke are the two most common causes of premature death in the world.

They're both caused by treating your heart unfairly.

Eating heart-healthy foods will significantly reduce the risk of the two diseases drastically. And...

Researches show that fish is one of the most heart healthy foods you can eat.

In fact, a large study on more than 40,000 men in the United States revealed that eating one or more servings of fish per week will reduce your risk of developing heart diseases by 15%.

Afraid of stroke? --pick up that fish!


Asthma is a chronic illness which main symptom is the inflammation of the airways.

It is a serious illness and rates of getting asthma is increasing stealthily over the decades.

Is fish any good for asthma?

According to a study, regular fish intake will decrease your child's rate of getting asthma by 24%, --and what about you, the adult?
No significant change was detected!

Risk Of Cancer.

If you're asked to mention the most feared diseases now, you say...

Diabetes, --and then...

What if I'm to tell you about something that could help you prevent the harshest types of cancer, will you be willing to learn?

Well, eating fish regularly, about three times a week will do that.

It reduces the risk of a lot of cancers, oral, colon, breast, prostate and ovarian cancer due to its richness in omega 3 fatty acids.

Some fish also contain a substance known as selenium. Selenium creates an enzyme which helps the body to prevent cancer.

Fish here, fish there.
Do that mean you should eat every fish that comes your way?

That's at your own risk.

Are All Fishes Healthy?

If we're going by the natural state of fish, adding no external fat while cooking and cooking the fish PERFECTLY well, almost all fishes are healthy.

Although there are a few fish, either endangered or may be dangerous in some ways.

Also, some cooking practices may drastically affect the nutritional value of the popular seafoods.

Species like the Bluefin Tuna, Orange Roughly, Mahi Mahi and Halibut are among the fish marked 'Avoid', according to this Eatingwell article.

Also, about cooking practices.

What are the best ways to cook fishes?

There are many different ways by which fish are cooked. These may include;

  • Grilling: Using extreme heat from below.
  • Broiling: Using extreme heat from above.
  • Pan Frying: Frying using little amount of fat.
  • Deep Frying: Frying using a large amount of fat.
  • Poaching: Submerging in water or some other liquid and heating in the oven.
  • Steaming: Using hot vaporized water to cook.
  • Microwaving: Cooking using waves of energy.
  • Baking: Using dry heat, most commonly in an oven.

It goes on and on, the list is endless.

Then what is the best method?

In order to preserve all useful nutrients without adding more calories and fats, microwaving is best and deep-frying is of course, --worst.

That will be all on fish for now. Without wasting much time, let's move. We need to know the winner today.

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Are Eggs Healthy? - What Science Says



Don't tell me you don't know meat.

Also rich sources of protein and iron, meat is the flesh of animals that you feel you can eat.

As some scientists argue that fish is also a kind of meat, I'll be referring to the actual meat I'm talking about.

But anywhere you see me use meat, take it as beef.

In fact, we're taking beef as meat here. It's widely known, popular.

The question, is meat healthier than fish? We're going to arrive at a conclusion today.

As we did with fish, let's see the nutritional information for 100 grams of broiled lean meat (beef), with 10% fat content.

  • Calories 217
  • Water 61%
  • Protein 26.1 grams
  • Carbohydrates 0 grams.
  • Sugar 0 grams.
  • Fiber 0 grams
  • Fat 11.8 grams

When you compare the statistics of the two foods, what do you discover?

They're similar!

The main difference between fish and meat is that while fish contains all needed nutrients in moderation, meat contains it in excess.

But not to be bias, lemme do what I did in the case of fish.

What did I do?

I outlined the importance, and for the meat part...

Importance Of Fish

Amino Acids.

Amino acids are a kind of nutrients utilised by the body in a variety of ways. It is mainly used by the body to build muscles, strengthen the immune system and help maintain a normal metabolism.

Accounts for the reason bodybuilders needs plenty of a specific amino acid, creatine to build muscles.

However, we cannot produce them naturally and the only hope we have is through adequate dieting, and one of the foods that guarantees availability of amino acids is what we're talking about, --meat.

So, you wanna be a bodybuilder, --you need meat!

Protein Abundance

Did you know?

Africa is suffering from protein deficiency.

Apart from beans, all other foods with protein in west Africa are minor foods, --can't be served alone.

This tells us something.

We need more protein!

How do we get it?

Turn to meat!

According to the above nutritional information, more than 26% of lean meat is protein.

This means, meat contains more protein than dairy (8g per cup) and eggs (6g each).

Wait, how am I sure you know what protein does?

Protein, as defined by our good old science teacher, builds new cells and repairs worn out cells.

Protein develops and repairs your muscles. So, if you're short in blood, bones or cartilage, what you need is protein.

Manage Weight.

As claimed by, protein may help you manage and even lose weight.

While counting on the filling effects of meat, they claimed it will keep you full for longer periods.

This will help you eliminate hunger and food cravings.

Also, animal fat has a greater positive effect on weight loss than plant protein, they completed.

But as their claim was not backed with any instance of scientific research, I couldn't assure you that is the truth, and of course, I won't disappoint meat lovers by totally classifying it as a lie.

Natural Source Of Vitamin B12.

All vitamins are healthy, --that's a fact!

Meat is a natural source of vitamin B12, -- that's a fact too!

But wait!

What do we need vitamin B12 for?

Almost everything. From making sure the brain and nervous system function normally, to coordinating the metabolic rate of the body to normal and maintaining high energy levels.

If you're not interested in foods naturally containing B12, then you must add it using supplements.

All Essential Nutrients.

Meats contain almost all essential nutrients needed for optimal health.

Nutrients like choline, various vitamins, zinc, phosphorus, thiamin, riboflavin, etc.

These nutrients will help you in your nervous system development, produce energy, repairs cells and muscles and even maintain normal blood pressure.

The absence of these kinds of nutrients in the body may lead to many health issues that could easily have been prevented by...

Eating meat!

Prevents Anaemia

When there is a significant reduction of blood (or red blood cells) in the body, it will reduce the ability of the body to carry oxygen.

This condition is known as anaemia. Anaemia symptoms are tiredness and weakness.

One of the main causes of anaemia is iron deficiency.

When there is shortage of the nutrient (iron) in the body, the body is prone to anaemia.

All types of meat contains iron, popularly in the heme form, which is absorbed by the body better than non-heme iron, gotten from plant sources of course.

I know meat lovers will be jumping by now.

So, let me introduce something else into this story.

And it's nothing else but...

The Downsides Of Eating Meat

As eating meat is associated with a lot of importance, it also has it's own disadvantages which will be treated in this part of the article.

As with fish, some cooking methods can also change the nutritional effects of meat, however, we're not dwelling on that.

There are many health issues that could arise from eating meat.

Diet-Heart Hypothesis

Ever heard of the diet-heart hypothesis?

Guess not.

The diet-heart hypothesis is simply the idea that saturated fats is linked to increasing cholesterol levels, thereby increasing risk of heart diseases.

However, the diet-heart hypothesis is largely controversial and still debated.

Many studies indicate no relationship between saturated fats and heart disease.

If you'd be safe, decrease your intake of saturated fats.

If you love meat and you're worried about saturated fats, go for lean meat, which has now shown to have positive effects on cholesterol levels.



Remember I said meat contains heme iron. Also, when meat is overcooked, it produces Heterocyclic Amines.

These substances collaborate to increase the rate of developing a specific cancer known as Colon cancer.

The message is simple; "If you fear cancer, fear meat."

Beef Tapeworm

Can you stand the thought of having a worm in your stomach?

It makes me sick.

But do you know that undercooked meat may cause an internal worm that may reach a length of 13 to 33 feet (normally longer than you).

The beef tapeworm normally has mild symptoms but on severe cases may cause weight loss, abdominal pain and nausea.

Which Is Healthier Between Fish And Meat

And the winner is...

This is what we've all been waiting for.

Which is the answer to our puzzle: "The healthiest between meat and fish."

If we carefully look at the data, we discover that meat may be just as healthy as fish.

However, looking back again, we discover that the risks associated with fish consumption is not half as much as that of meat.

Also, the heart friendliness will make it a popular alternative for many.

For today, according to the advancement in research, fish is still the most healthy.

However, with the latest researches going on, meat may be clarified better than fish in the nearest future.

Do you agree with my argument?

If not, you can leave your argument below, --in the comments of course.

Nice day!

What Kind Of Braces Should You Get With Cost

With the advancement of technology, braces are no longer associated with ugly metal braces and wires. But now they come in various materials. One of the hottest materials right now is invisible braces or clear aligners. These braces are transparent and well-hidden from the naked eye. Everybody will be shocked if they get to know that you are wearing clear braces. Invisible braces are of different types in India. Though these braces are very convenient, they are quite costly in the world as well as India.

Types of invisible braces available in India

There are different types of braces available in the country. Depending upon the severity of your problem and your budget your dentist you recommend you any of these following braces which is the best for you. They are:
average price for braces
Ceramic brace in India
These braces are the cheapest “invisible braces” available in the country. Though they are not precisely invisible, they are much more discreet than metallic braces. Ceramic brackets though are larger than metallic brackets, but they require small rubber bands attach themselves to the archwire. If not taken care, these braces can stain very easily. Though that is not a big problem since, every time you go to your dentist for a check-up, he will change the rubber bands. These braces require more time for the treatment than metallic braces and are more expensive than them. In India, transparent braces cost between Rs 30,000 to Rs 55,000. Metal is cheaper than ceramic, so the price increases accordingly.

Lingual braces Cost in India
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What are Invisible Braces?

Invisible Braces or invisible braces are the types of braces which are not made of ugly metal brackets or wires. These are custom-made, bright plastic pieces which act as aligners and helps your teeth to shift to the envisioned position. Are you someone who has always been reluctant in wearing hideous braces, Invisible Braces braces are for you. However, how do they work?

Invisible Braces Cost in India

Invisible Braces or Clear Aligners is an Indian company which makes clear braces at a much lower price than the major companies in the world. They offer the same service to you at a nominal cost of Rs 60,000 to Rs 1,50,000. The price varies so much because it depends on your level of misalignment and your budget. These braces are made of explicit and thin materials which are entirely hidden from the naked eye. These are removable, wireless, bracketless and customized to fit you perfectly. This company provides you with a series of aligners, each of which you have to wear for 14 days. A string contains 12-48 sets depending on your severity. After fifth or sixth series, you will notice that your teeth have gotten perfectly straight. The treatment time ranges from six to twenty-four months.

Now, how can 32 Watts Clear Aligners sell these life-altering bracing at such a lower price? Worldwide corporations charge a lot for the same clear aligners because of their brand-name and their experience. But are they doing anything extra? The answer is no. This Indian company, on the other hand, is providing you with clear aligners at a cost which you can not refuse.

In the end, it all depends on you and your orthodontist. You two will decide what is best for you according to your budget and your lifestyle.

You know eggs, and I don't have to define it to you.
Eggs in a crate

Eggs are produced by chickens and are one of the most loved foods, however, there are some unanswered questions we need to answer about eggs, which includes;

Are eggs healthy?

How many eggs should I eat per day?

What are the health benefits of eggs?

And as we move together in this article, we answer some of these questions.

Are Eggs Healthy?

The issue about the healthiness of eggs is probably one of the most debated issues in the world of food health.
While many scientists are of the opinion that eggs are dangerous, others say eating from every single bird in the United States is perfectly normal.

Let's go to see what scientists have to say, then conclude and see if eggs are good for us.

No Eggs At All?

While many studies are of the opinion that eggs are healthy and normal, many other researches support that eggs should be banned.

For example, a study published on JAMA is opined that eating more eggs is associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases and premature death.

The Study.

The study analyzed data on nearly 30,000 adults through 31 years of monitoring.

Already, researchers had already agreed that consuming 300mg of dietary cholesterol per day would be dangerous as it increases the rate of incident cardiovascular diseases by 17 percent and early death (by any cause) by 18 percent.

On egg yolk contains 185mg!

Egg lovers don't cry, because you're going to laugh soon. Read on.

According to the study, eating just 3-4 eggs per week was associated with 6 percent increased risk of cardiovascular diseases and 8 percent higher risk of any cause of death.

So, eating two eggs per day, you're boosting your risk of cardiovascular diseases by 27 percent and risk of early death by 34 percent, the study said.

While speaking to Runner's World, lead researcher Wenze Zong said the study does not suggest there is a safe amount for consuming eggs.

In a different study, it was reported that in 30 percent of people, eggs are linked with mildly raised total and LDL cholesterol (also known as the bad cholesterol).

Also people with some genetic disorders such as hypercholesterolemia or APOE4 are advised to avoid eggs as it is reported to cause adverse effects in them.

But wait, before you start throwing away your eggs, should you not try to know the other side of the story?

Three Eggs A Day?

According to an article published on healthline eggs are so safe that eating three whole eggs per day is perfectly safe.

Were you smiling?

He gave his reasons.

We'll be looking at the healthiness of eggs mainly from his angle.

According to a well known fact, an egg contains all the nutrients required to turn a cell into a baby chicken.
Chick in an egg

A single large hard boiled egg contains the following nutrients.

Vitamin A: 6% of the RDA (stop racking your brain, it means Recommended Daily Amount).
Folate: 5% of the RDA.
Vitamin B5: 7% of the RDA.
Vitamin B2: 15% of the RDA.
Vitamin B12: 9% of the RDA.
Phosphorus: 9% of the RDA.
Selenium: 22% of the RDA.
Apart from the above mentioned nutrients, it also contains many other nutrients in micro quantity. Some of these which may include Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, Carotenoids letein, Zeaxanthin, Calcium and zinc.


As mentioned earlier, eating 300mg of dietary cholesterol may be fatal. A normal egg yolk contains 185mg.


Completely eating two eggs daily for a long time is very dangerous?


According to research, eggs raise no cholesterol in 70 percent of people.


According to recent researches, there is actually no strong correlation between the amount of cholesterol you consume your blood cholesterol levels.
The reason for this is that your body (liver to be precise) produces cholesterol. The more you consume, the less it produces.

However, much investigation and research is going on this.
Also, eggs are linked with increasing your HDL (High Density Lipoprotein). Also called the good cholesterol.
And, the higher your HDL, the lower your risk of heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases.

In another study, eating 2 eggs every day for six weeks will increase your good cholesterol by 10%, according to the Healthline article.

More Eggs Less Calories.

As a high protein food, eggs are super-filling, because we know protein is the most satisfying macro nutrient.
Egg sandwich

Also, on the satiety index scale, eggs score high. Satiety index scale measures the ability of a food to cause fullness and reduce later calorie intake.

In a study of 30 overweight women, eating eggs instead of bagel for breakfast increased the feeling of fullness and this will subsequently reduce their calorie intake for the next 36 hours.

An Egg In My Eyes?

Are eggs really good for the eyes?

Scroll up to where I highlights the importance of eggs.

Did you take note of the two nutrients; Carotenoids letein and zeaxanthin?

These nutrients will go to stay in your retina and helps to to protect you from ultraviolet rays of the sun, macular degeneration and cataracts.

However, eating eggs for these is not recommended, as I already said it exists in the eggs in a micro quantity.
What you should eat for these are nutrients are plants like pumpkins and other leafy vegetables, asparagus, carrots, kiwi, grapes, peas, etc.

SEE: Causes, Preventions And Treatment Of Cataracts

A Checklist Of Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle

What Do I Think.

After seeing all these, I'd like you to read it all and leave you to make your decision, yourself.

But to make things easier, we should aid ourselves in thinking. So, I'll give you my thoughts here and I'll love you to drop yours in the comments.

Now, I think I will rather be safe than sorry. So, according to the above argument, I think both sides are a kind of right.

Moderation is key, so, you shouldn't say because Healthline said three eggs per day is completely safe, then you should start eating and meal of eggs every now and then; remember, the JAMA publication might be right too!

For me, an egg a day coupled with enough physical activity should be safe for everyone, but if you would like to be completely safe, try three to four per week.

Remember this is just my own opinion and is not backed by any medical or scientific research or evidence.
I'd like to know your opinion in the comments below.

Drop one and have a nice day.
You can't help being envious when you see the pictures of some women with long, soft smooth hair. If you feel this way sometimes, then you're not alone.
Smooth silky hair

Everyone would like to have long soft hair, but it seems like while some people are blessed with this kind of enviable hair, others are not so lucky.

Anyway, I'm among the unlucky ones.
Any hope?
Well, let's move on.

What To Know...

Well, it may please you to learn that everyone is blessed with cool, soft smooth hair, the difference between the above hair and yours is the way you care for and treat your hair.

Am I trying to say your hair can be as smooth and silky as that of Vanessa Hudgens'?

Then how?

Those guide will be split into two groups. That is, I'll be showing you how to get your silky smooth hair from two angles.

And these are the...

Simple Hair Care Practices.

There are some simple ways by which we can train our unlucky hair to be long and smooth like Vanessa Hudgens.

These are simple practices that would cost us nothing to implement and will help you and I to get to our dreams of a long silky hair.

And what are these practices?

Drying Your Hair.

Do you know that what you use to dry your hair accounts for how good and smooth it is.

Yes, I know you use your towel to rub out the hell of your hair when you're done bathing. And, that is wrong. A towel isn't meant to dry your hair because a towel, due to its rough nature will create friction, thereby causing knots and breakage. I'm sure you know there shouldn't be any knots in your long silky hair.


What Should I Use?

If we're told not to use towel, then what shall we use?
A T-shirt.

Use your T-shirt to dry your hair to avoid knots and breakage. A T-shirt is better that a towel, at least and won't cause breakage if properly used.

Also, use the T-shirt to squeeze out the moisture in the hair, and not to rub out. Rubbing may cause knots, and this may lead to breakage when it's combed.

Oh wait!
Did I just say combed?
Yes, there is a guideline for combing your hair and if not properly followed, may cause another problem to your hair.

And, what is that again?

Comb When Wet, Brush When Dry.

Do you also feel that painful feeling when you comb a dry hair sometimes?

Oh you do?
Fine. That's the sign of knots breakage. A dry hair will always refuse to be combed. Always pick up your brush whenever your hair is dry and a comb when you're just done washing your hair.

This will help our hair grow long, silky and smooth.

P.S.: Comb your hair extra carefully even when wet.

Change Your Pillow.

You want a silky hair right? Get a silk pillow!

Did you know that cotton pillows absorbs moisture from your hair? Meaning?
These cotton pillows will suck up all necessary oils from your hair. Your silk pillow won't do this and, girl, it is just too comfortable.

Rinse With Cold Water.

Using cold water to rinse your hair will seal the upper layer of your hair. Hot or warm water may cause your hair to frizz.

Oh dear!
You can't stand the thought of having a cold shower in this dead cold? You don't have to force yourself. Then what is the solution?


How to bend-and-wash your hair.

Get your hot water bath as usual, don't wash your hair.
Get some cold water in a bucket.
Bend over in a 90 degree like position.
With the help of a jug, bowl or anything that may be used to scoop water, pour some water over your hair and wash as normal.

Congrats! You successfully completed a bend-and-wash.

I think I'm not going further on the simple practices. Get to try it first dude, and check if it works.

Does it?

If no, fortunately there's another solution. After all we're bent on getting our long, soft, smooth and silky hair.

However, our alternatives are somewhat uneasy and will require some spending or outsourcing for ingredients to actually produce some homemade products that will help the growth of our hair.
Remember; nothing good comes easy.

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You're anxious to see your hair grow and you can't wait an extra second to see the solution, right?

Okay, let's get in.

The first natural method to get a silky hair I'm going to tell you is how to use aloe vera to make hair smooth and silky.
what vitamins are good for hair growth

Aloe Vera

What Do We Need?

For this, we'll need;
One or two leaves of the aloe vera.
A little water.
A spray bottle.


Slice the aloe vera and extract two tablespoons of the bitter gel inside. Blend till it's smooth and add 2 tablespoons of water.

Mix this solution well and pour it into the spray bottle. Shake it well and spray it on your hair after washing and drying your hair. The solution shouldn't be washed off and you can do this three to four times a week.

After doing these, wait and watch your hair grow like magic, you'll be amazed at the rate with which your hair shall grow silky and smooth!

But wait!
What if I couldn't get Aloe Vera?
Or I couldn't get a spray bottle.
Or I even can't stand the thought of something as bitter as Aloe Vera to be on my head. Any alternative?
Well, yes.
And what is that?

Coconut/olive oil.

Do coconut oil help hair growth?
Yes. Here, I'm going to show you how to grow smooth and silky hair with coconut oil and if unavailable, olive oil.

What We Need.

2 tablespoons of coconut or olive oil.
A pan or anything that can be used to heat.


Pour the coconut oil into a pan or anything you might want to use for heating it.
Heat mildly for seconds until it is slightly warm. Be careful, don't overheat.
Massage in your scalp and walk it through the length of your hair, massage for about 15 minutes and leave the oil on for an additional 30 minutes.
While you wait cover the hair with a hot towel and wash your hand in a mild sulfate-free shampoo.
Finish with conditioner.
This is an incredibly awesome way to grow soft smooth hair. You can use this twice a week.

What if I'm so careless and I may burn my hair. Any alternative?

Fortunately there is.
And it's what most people search on Google.
what vitamins are necessary for hair growth

"How to grow silky hair using eggs."

what vitamins are recommended  for hair growth

What Do We Need?

1 whole egg.
1 tablespoon of olive oil.
1 tablespoonful of honey.
A shower cap.


Mix all ingredients together thoroughly (excluding the shower cap).
Apply on your scalp and your hair, making sure it's completely covered. Wait for 30 minutes.
To avoid a mess, you may put on a shower cap while waiting.
Finish with shampoo and conditioner.
And watch your hair grow like yeast.

This formula can be applied 1-2 times a week and is the most expensive to set up.

Have you tried it out yet.
Do so now and I'm confident that if you do, I'll be tempted to add you as our model instead of Vanessa Hudgens.

What is vitamin e good for hair growth

Have a nice day.
Body weight is an important metric in measuring our healthiness. As is the general rule, a person who is being overweight is not healthy, and a person who is healthy is not overweight.

What Is Overweight?

Being overweight is an increase in the normal weight for an individual of a particular size or age. The most generally accepted way of calculating if you're overweight is by the use of the body mass index metric, otherwise known as the BMI.

The most generally known way of calculating your body mass index will be given later in this article.

Being overweight is different from being obese, so we're going to treat it differently. You're overweight if your body mass index is more than 25 and less than 30. Being overweight can be dangerous as it is linked with many chronic health diseases.

A person who is overweight will be so heavy, as the name implies, and will be unhealthy. If you are overweight, you have to embark on a weight loss programme. You can find food tips for a successful weight loss programme here.

What Is Obesity?

Obesity is when your body mass index is higher than 29.9, i.e. 30 or more. Being obese is one of the worst things that can happen to anyone and it causes much other problems to the sufferer.

Obesity may not be easily eradicated by an ordinary weight loss programme. If an ordinary weight loss programme does not work, you may have to go for a surgery. However, a weight loss surgery may be dangerous at times, I'll cover this later in detail.

Causes Of Obesity.

Obesity causes are simple and logical. If you have a balloon without any leaks and you keep blowing air into it, it will definitely become bigger, and I refer to this as obese.

However, if the balloon has a little leak, the more you keep blowing, it stays at a size which is neither too big nor small. This is what I refer to as a normal weight. This normal weight, can also be altered by the size of the hole in the balloon. If the hole is big, the balloon is likely to be so small, so you'll be normal weight. But, if the hole is small, the balloon is likely to be bigger and this may be overweight.

Now in real sense. Obesity occurs simply when you consume more calories than you burn as energy through physical activity. This is an incomplete but simple cause of obesity. Like most other health conditions, obesity has a lot of other risk factors which increases your tendency of getting obese which is discussed as follows.

Risk Factors Of Obesity.

There are many risk factors of obesity. This includes...

 1. Genetics.
Genetic study proved that your chances of being obese increases by 25 percent if one or both of your parents are obese. According to these researches, if your dad or mum is obese, start exercising.

 2. Overeating.
This is what most people would think as the main cause of obesity. It starts here, if you don't consume the calories, you won't have to burn any. So, overeating should be checked if you won't lake to be sooo fat.

 3. Sedentary lifestyle.
If you're a regular reader of health blogs, sedentary lifestyle shouldn't be a new thing to you.
It is simply a life of minimum or no activity. It involves not burning those calories after they're actually consumed. You don't want to be fat? Then exercise!

There are also other factors affecting this but that is all that will be covered for now.

How Do I Calculate My Body Mass Index?

As I already stated, your body mass index is one of the most generally accepted ways of checking for overweight or obesity.

The general formula for calculating body mass index is your weight in kilograms divided by the square of your height in metres.

Hence, BMI = Weight(kg) ÷ Height(m²)
Therefore, BMI = kg ÷ m²

For example, suppose a man of 60kg weight has a height of 2meters.
Calculate his body mass index.

BMI = kg ÷ m²
BMI = 60 ÷ 2²
BMI = 60 ÷ 4
BMI = 15.

The man has a normal weight.

However, if you can't go through the stress of numbers, you can use online calculators instead.

You read up to this point and you're wondering, why shouldn't I be obese, or why is obesity so bad? This is just what I'm about to reveal to you.

Consequences Of Obesity.

Obesity is known to cause many health problems as I already rightly stated. Some of these problems will be treated in detail.

 1. Diabetes.
Obesity is the major cause of type 2 diabetes, and diabetes is one of the most feared illnesses ever. Obesity can cause resistance to the chemical controlling blood sugar known as insulin. And when it causes insulin resistance, the blood sugar dramatically increases. Type 2 diabetes was common among adults but now, it can be boasted of by adults and children alike.

 2. High Blood Pressure.
When there is additional fat tissue in the body, the work of the heart is increased because it must constantly pump more blood through additional blood vessels. This process causes much pressure on the artery walls thereby increasing blood pressure.

3. Cancer.
It shouldn't be news that cancer is related to obesity. Obesity can trigger the risks of breast and ovarian cancer in women and can lead to prostate cancer in men.

I think you can see all I was seeing when I said obesity is a must-not-have for everyone.
Thanks for following this post up until here.

Orthodontist vs. a Dentist: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to the comparison between an orthodontist and a dentist, they are both dental professionals that deal with various problems related to the care and the maintenance of the teeth. The first thought that comes to the mind of people when they think of orthodontics, is the use of braces. Whereas, people think of dentists as specialists that focus on the repair and cleaning of the teeth. If you have a similar thought, you are not too far away from the actual explanation of these experts. When comparing the two, this description is the basic difference between these two professions.

You should know that orthodontics is a specialized branch of dentistry that focuses on various related problems that link up to the alignment of the jaw and teeth. This course relates to general dentistry, but professionals need to go through orthodontist education and training to update their skills and knowledge continually. However, compared to general dentists, they do not perform dental procedures often. They do not specialize in extractions, fillings, whitening, and so on but have gone through training in ways where their skill and qualification enables them to address a wide variety of structural problems that relate to the jaw and teeth. The problems they address include oral health problems like underbite, crowded teeth impacted-teeth, and other conditions.
a tooth

Since this field is a specialized one in nature of the work, as mentioned orthodontists need to pursue continuing education to match up to the requirements in their practice.

The Qualification Duration

Dentists need to spend a good number of years in training, and also need further courses to specialize in, especially if they want to move on to orthodontics. Usually, the training for dental assistants and hygienists could take about two years. Technicians in dental practices can spend about 2-4 years in initial training. The length of their specialization through Gerety Orthodontic Seminars could vary, depending from one country to the other.

Rest assured that through the right qualification, you could keep up with the changing technology in dentistry. It is highly important that every dentist should consider this, as it will enable the use of the latest equipment and techniques.

Dentists have to attend at least four years of the degree before they move on to advanced dentistry. Before giving written and practical exams, they need to move onto advanced dentistry, which should give them the degree and the right license to practice in their education. Their primary concern is to tackle teeth and other related issues that could arise in the mouth, including problems like gum diseases. They perform general checkups, advanced procedures, and focus on repairing the teeth. They also treat young children.

Orthodontic Treatment Can Cure Various Problems

Our smiles play a major role when it comes to contributing to self-image, self-esteem, and self-confidence. Regardless of age, having straight teeth contributes to healthy bite, efficient chewing, and proper speech. Having straight teeth and aligned jaw contribute to healthy gums and teeth, and this helps to alleviate as well as prevent physical health problems. Other than an overbite, underbite, crowded teeth, the common malocclusions they treat include:
healthy teeth

 Buckteeth

 Overcrowding

 Spacing problems, causing impacted teeth

 Poor overlapping of upper and lower teeth

 Wrong side of the lower teeth fitting the upper teeth

 Teeth moving out of their original position

 Wrongly placed tooth

If a person ignores orthodontic problems, these could become worse and require additional and complex dental procedures later in life. Problems like inefficient chewing or misalignment of the jaw, wearing of the tooth surfaces and other similar problems will lead to untreated conditions. Proper orthodontic treatment will help to address such problems and help people to attain a picture perfect and healthy smile that will last for years to come.

Whom Should You Choose?

When comparing the two, you will find that each one has their own specialty or area of specialization. However, if you are searching for an expert who would help you with general oral health problems, you should consider choosing a dentist. For focused problems, you can consult an orthodontist, since they go through extensive orthodontist education and training. Upon completing their basic education, they also go through an accredited residency program.

Becoming an orthodontist may be a hard path for most people. However, it’s surely a worthwhile investment. Upon completion of the programs as an orthodontist, you can earn a lot more than others can. You get the chance to transform the lives of patients. Help them get their perfect smile, and have an overall, healthy oral health.

Getting additional or continuing education is a stressful process for sure, but thanks to virtual learning options, orthodontists can learn from any location. Regardless, the world needs orthodontists, so it’s a good thing that people wish to pursue this career path!
We are in the computer age and the use of mobile phones and computers is becoming increasingly popular every minute.

Infact, a 2009 survey confirmed that the 74 percent of the United States Adults were using the internet. It should also be noted that the number is increasing by the second. This would be a whooping amount of people using the internet if it were properly calculated.

Good Reasons Why People Use The Internet.

People use the internet for a great many things, and your purpose of using the internet determines whether it is advantageous to you or not.

Among the many reasons why people use the internet, I was able to outline a few.
 1. The world wide web may be referred to the largest library where you have access to almost all the books, free of charge. Of course, you are reading this for free, and you can even save it as an ebook to share this information with friends, so you have access to this free of charge. And likewise is a great most of the internet.
 2. Communication with friends and families had never been easier before the advent of the world wide web. Nowadays, taking the advantage of facebook and other instant chatting networks, you can easily connect with your friends at the touch of a button. Imagine the good old days when there was no facebook whatsapp or email. If you were to send a message to someone in China from Senegal, you have to write a letter. Also, if you didn't care to mark it urgent, your letter mey never get to its destination, or get there years after, - remembering a story of a man who wrote a letter to his parents and had to collect the letter himself when he returned.
 3. E-commerce is available on the internet, which means you can buy and sell things online on the internet. Sounds great? Best part of it is that you don't have to go to the online store physical warehouse to pick your order, you can have it delivered to your bedroom.
 4. Learning through various means is available through the world wide web. There are millions of videos, ebooks, audio files, softwares, etc. to learn just any thing. For example, we had an awful English teacher at school so when I get home, I have to do thirty extra minutes of English studies, online.
 5. You can start building an online presence for yourself or your business through the internet. Creating a website of yours or simply getting a handle on twitter or facebook where you could easily reach out to customers. Building your business through the internet is a very important step to take these days, as a lot of people are increasingly using the internet by the second. I think you might have heard of the story of a boy who skyrocketed his dad's donut business by writing a single line of tweet. After gathering thousands of retweets, the donut stall became a donut company.
 6. You can now also transfer cash to people on the internet. With the advent of services like payoneer, paypal, etc. It is possible to send money to someone, even countries away. Sounds nice?
 7. So you have no cash to receive or send over the internet, no worries man. You can actually get to earn on the internet. Yes! You can earn a whole lot of cash online doing online things. This has brought a lot of fame and riches to millions, for more information ask Jeff Bezus and Mark Zuckerberg.

These are just a few among the uses of the internet, there are also thousands others too numerous to mention here. However, if you are looking for a comprehensive list, Google is your friend. Before you get carried away, be kindly informed that internet misuse comes with it's whole lot of disadvantages and it's disadvantages may be worse and overthrow all the importance of internet. Before we go to see it's harmful repercussions, it will be good to know firsthand what's internet misuse.

Internet Abuse Or Misuse.

Internet misuse happens when the internet is not used for any of theproductive means it was meant for, or the act of using it in excess.

Internet misuse examples may include wasting of valuable time on chatroom sites, getting addicted to the internet, and using the internet for silly things, such as scamming, exploitation or pornography. All of these actions devalue the internet and make it as nonsensical as ever, no thanks to perpetrators. These actions cause a lot more harm than good and make the internet a tiring place to be.

Were you asked to write a dangers of internet use essay? Smile because in this short article, we're going to treat some ways of internet abuse and some tips on how to stay safe.

Dangers Of Internet Use.

 1.  False Information.

There are up to a billion people actuve on the internet and over 50% percent of this number are searching for medically related information.

These impressive number of people search to get useful information about what they are searching for, but, it's so poor that finding a true reliable source of information on the internet is rare. It is so painful that most of these people get the fake information and therefore are certainly misled by these erroneous spreaders of these poor information.

Also, using the internet to get health related information is related with small but reliable increases in depression. Why is this? Most of the news and information gotten from the internet are not rich to the mind.

Take this as an example.
A person with, say, cancer, navigates to Google and types in cancer. From this, he begins to discover true but scary facts about the illness. He becomes depressed truly.

Though, some of the information about cancer which is scary to him may not be true or may not apply to his type of cancer, he can't stop paying attention to these newly discovered facts.

However, some people may be chanced to get great information from the internet that could even cure the illness you were searching for its cure. Just make sure you contact a medical expert in case you get confused.

 2. Anxiety, Unnecessary Alarm Or Depression.

Some people, like I do are sometimes frightened by information from the internet. This may lead to unnecessary alarm or nervousness to many people.

Some people erroneously share false information to purposely frighten or cause confusion or other problems between people on the internet. Some just do this for reactions, imagine someone posting an article degrading other religions on Facebook just to get likes and shares.

Also, some hate reading or listening to sad news (like me). For example, I felt anxious and nervous when the Ebola virus was declared present in the universe. But once it was declared present in Nigeria, I almost ran out of my skin. This affected me a lot and at last I wasn't chanced to ever see a person with Ebola. Some would even be hospitalized for over-attention to what may not even get to their state.

However, if you use instant messaging applications to message your friends or families, it may have slightly good impacts on your psychological wellbeing.

 3. Health Problems.

Did you know?
Teens who spent more than two hours daily on the world wide web are at a more higher risk of high blood pressure than low internet users, a study revealed.

Frequent usage of the world wide web has been linked to addiction, anxiety and social isolation. People who use the internet frequently tend to dump their social life and spend all their time before a computer, thereby getting addicted to it. This can lead to anxiety and poor relationship with others all these are linked with high blood pressure.

A study conducted by scientists in 2015 as reported by proved that excessive internet use is linked to high blood pressure. This study had 331 adolescents, about the ages of fourteen to seventeen participating. Their blood pressure, height, weight and body mass index (BMI) were taken. They were also asked questions about how much time they spent on the internet.

They were divided into three groups based on the average amount of time they spend on the internet, with people who used more than two hours six to seven days a week were the heavy users. The moderate users used less than two hours five to six days a week while the light users used less than two hours, two to three days a week.

The result of the study showed that 19% of the teens who used two or more hours, seven days a week (heavy users) had high blood pressure compared to the light users who used less than two hours in three to four days a week. Only 7% of this group had high blood pressure.

The result of this study clearly reveals that your internet usage is linked to high blood pressure.

So it is advised that you use the internet in moderation.

 4. Cyberbullying And Exploitation.

Cyberbullying is a dangerous online act which may involve sending hateful messages, or even death threats to people. Cyberbullying involves spreading foul comments on someone's social media profiles or spreading lies about them online.

Cyberbullying is worse than physical bullying because here, teachers can't intervene, and sometimes even, parents can't. Cyberbullies don't see your emotions: freaking, angry, crying, mad? No they can't, and this makes it easy for them to continue.

Cyberbullies may sometimes disguise as victims, especially if they have access to your social media accounts. They may create a degrading chat, and share it for others to see, and people lose trust in you

Exploitation similarly, may be sexual, educational or financial. They may approach as friends and demand to know more about you. When they get all necessary information they need, they'll visit you and demand what they want from you, money, sex, or even people near you like classmates may come as bullies and demand that you help them during examinations.
This can have a lot of impact on the social and mental wellbeing of the victim.

 5. Inactivity!

Inactivity or sedentary lifestyle is one of the worst effects of this particular thing. You cannot possibly be operating your computers while standing.

This causes a lot of problems as sitting is linked with many ills such as fat accumulation in the body or even, some scientists claim excessive sitting cuts a significant part of your lifespan.

So, I think you better drop that phone and go for some exercise.

 6. Pornography.

I'm sure you're all expecting to see this. Pornography is by far one of the most dangerous effects of the internet that existed.

Pornography leads to unhealthy sex life and it is very difficult for parents to know if their children do watch pornography.

Some parents think what should be their main concern is to get their kids not to visit the sites, but they fail to realize that their kids had been probably introduced to porn and they might search for it too.

To make sure kids and adults do not engage in the use of internet for pornography, some measures can be taken, and these measures may include installation of internet filtering software on every computer that can be used to access the internet at the home.

But sometimes, these internet filtering softwares may filter real family websites as unsafe and leave some pornography pages.

If you're trying to monitor your child, it will require using a software that can monitor search history, records, chats and conversations on computers they can access. This way, you can actually know if they visit any of these sites or get these from chats.

Now you know some of the popular effects of internet overuse. Now the next thing we're going to talk about is how dangers of internet use to kids and adults alike can be minimized.

There are some little tips I know that can help the world in seeing that the dangers of internet use can be minimized.

How The Dangers Of Internet Use Can Be Minimized.

 1. Do not rely totally on information gotten from the world wide web. There are people ready to write anything to see their website has visitors and you could unluckily fall into one of those websites. For the most accurate medical information, see your doctor.
 2. Moderate your use of the internet because you already know using more than two hours on the internet per day can be dangerous for you.
 3. Install porn filters on every computer that can access the internet around you. These help in making sure that you are not lured into visiting the porn sites.
 4. Try exercising more than you use the internet. Also, when at work, do regular stretches to avoid sitting at a desk all day.
 5. Monitor your kids use of their phones and computers by setting a time limit and frequently checking websites they visit.

Thanks for reading...
With love from
"Hello Jane," Mrs. Cole spoke frantically on the phone. "Where are you?"
"At the pharmacist." Jane replied coolly.
"What for?"
"To buy some drugs for myself, mum."
"Why? Are you ill?"
"I'm having some problems with my period, mum."
"Problem?" Mrs Jane's impatience from not seeing her daughter for a whole six hours was promoted.
"Yes." Jane replied all the same. "I last saw my period thirty-two days ago," Jane stressed.
Mrs. Cole lauged ridiculously on the phone.

Yes, Mrs. Cole should just laugh at the utter ignorance of her dear daughter. Actually, Jane's little problem was not half as harmful as the steps she'd taken to check it.

So, to save my readers from ridiculous mockery like Jane, I decided to write this little article. I do hope you will enjoy reading it.

From this little article of mine, you'll learn about;
Menstrual cycle.
Irregular periods.
The time for your next period.
Causes of irregular periods.
Preventions of irregular periods.
Treatment of irregular periods.


As defined by our good secondary teachers, menstruation is the monthly flow of blood in a female, which often begins during puberty and ends at menopause. A girl is expected to get her first periods between the ages of ten to fifteen. However, it can be a bit earlier or later and this is completely normal because of individual changes.

You should be worried if you've not had your period at eighteen and I suggest you talk to your healthcare specialist or doctor.

After getting your first period, the whole thing goes in a cycle. About two weeks before another period, ovulation occurs. Ovulation is the release of eggs from the ovary, again credits to our teachers.

This egg travels through the fallopian tube into the uterus. If it is not fertilized, the egg begins to fall apart. Afterwards, the lining and egg leave a girl's body, hence menstruation.

Menstrual Cycle.

As already hinted, menstruation follows a cycle. Your monthly cycle is the number of days from the start of your period to start of the time you get it next.

To know your menstrual cycle, keep record of the day you last had your period. On the day you get your next one, count the number of days in between the two periods, this number is called your menstrual cycle.

You can also achieve the same result by marking each day after your first period on a journal or a jotter. The marks will start on the next day after the start of the period and the last mark will of course be on your next period.

Knowing your cycle is important to avoid embarrassment because you always know the time to get prepared, therefore, your menses won't catch you unawares.

Irregular Periods.

When you start taking records of your periods, you may notice that it isn't clockwork. There may be some variations in your menstrual cycle.

For example, your menstrual cycle may vary by a few days. In some people, the variations are so wide that they may be up to ten or more days different from the previous cycle.

Also, period lengths may also vary. You may bleed for three days this month and up to a week on the next. This two conditions may be totally normal, you smiled, but sometimes it is as a result of many illnesses and infections which you are going to learn about today.

There is no standard period, anytime between 22 and 40 days is okay and quite normal. Oh! Some say twenty-eight? This is just a result of some study average I suppose. It is not a must for your menses to follow this invented schedule.

But before we go into that, there are some things to know, be patient please.

Irregular periods should not be a sort of worry if it is happening to a young girl who is just starting out her periods. It is completely normal. But, if the menses fail to become regular after three years, then I think it's time to see an expert for medical checking and advice.

When you have irregular menses,it is important to know when you're going to have the next period.

How Do I Know The Time For My Next Period.

Your body gives you some signs when it is getting around time for your next period. It is important to be able to read these signs and symptoms so you won't be caught unawares when it's the time for your next period. These signs may include.
  • Headaches.
  • Acne (pimples) breakouts.
  • Uneasy, disturbed sleep.
  • Frequent mood swings.
  • Sore and heavier breasts.
  • Loose stools.
  • Back cramps and stiffness.
  • Bloating.

These can help you easily determine when next you get your period, but its also good to stay aware that these symptoms are not the same in everyone and you may have to smartly look out for yours.

Now, I think all necessary introductions are over, it's time to get into the actual reason for today's article, causes of irregular periods.

Causes Of Irregular Periods.

 1. Hormone Imbalance.

Irregular periods may be caused by hormone imbalances. Hormone imbalances may not totally stop ovulation (which causes menstruation) but may make it vary greatly from month to month.

Also some girls have extra androgen, a hormone that makes hair grow on the face, chest, chin and abdomen. This hormone can also cause weight gain and irregular periods.

 2.  Pregnancy.

This should be the first to be written, just don't know why it was relegated here. Pregnancy is not responsible for irregular periods but it stops the periods totally until the child is given birth to.

You should be more concerned if you recently had sex and your periods did not come at the presumed time. This could be pregnancy, and you may never see your periods again for the next ten months or so.

 3. Extreme Weight Loss And Eating Disorders.

Excessive or rapid weight loss can stop your period, if you become almost underweight or even underweight. You are said to be underweight if your Body Mass Index (B.M.I) is less than 18.5.

Being underweight is just as bad as being overweight because apart from stopping your periods, it may also cause a few other problems like headache, fatigue, etc.

Also rapid weight loss or losing weight without trying to do so also interferes with your periods and you should see your doctor as soon as you notice this.

Also, eating disorders may lead to the consumption of less calories thereby interfering with your period. The number of calories needed for ovulation might not be met thereby stopping or slowing down the process.

 4. Breastfeeding.


Nursing mothers may temporarily lose their menstruation or have irregular menses.

Why is this?

Prolactin is a hormone responsible for breast milk production. In the course of it's duty, prolactin may suppress the reproductive hormones causing little or no periods.

Having irregular periods due to breastfeeding? Don't worry, it'll return to normal soon after you stop breastfeeding.

 5. Thyroid Problems.

Your menses can also be affected by underactive thyroids or hypothyroidism. This cause longer and heavier flows and increased cramping. You may also experience, weight gain and sensitivity to cold.

On the contrary, overactive or high levels of thyroids (hyperthyroidism) can cause shorter and lighter periods. You may also experience sudden weight loss, swollen neck, anxiety and palpitations.
According to a 2015 study, 50 percent of women with irregular periods are having thyroid problems.

 6.  Uterine Fibroids.

Fibroids are non-cancerous muscular tumors that develop in the wall of the uterus, says our biology teacher. Most fibroids are non-cancerous (not cancer) and can range in size.

Fibroids can cause very painful and heavy periods that can even lead to anaemia. Fibroids is also associated with lots of other issues including low back pain, leg pain, pelvic pain, etc.

Fibroids can however be managed by over the counter treatment. It is also removed medically if it significantly affects your period or is leading to inability to get pregnant.

 7. Obesity.

obese man

The single quality that leads to millions of dangerous diseases, obesity!

What is obesity?
You are said to be obese if your Body Mass Index (B.M.I) is greater than 29. Which means, if you're having a body mass index of 30 or more, you are obese.

Obesity causes menstrual irregularity. It causes a great impact on insulin and hormones and we understand that hormone issues are known to cause irregular periods. These interfere with your menstrual cycle. Obesity may also be a sign of hypothyroidism.

 8. Excessive Exercising And Stress.

Missed or irregular periods will be a common incidence to endurance athletes because their excessive exercise may throw away the idea of a timed period.

Also, chronic stress or even anxiety on a small issue can cause an impact on your hormone balance, and from what you've read earlier, you should know that hormone imbalance is the major cause of irregular periods. So, from this, we deduct that stress is a direct cause of irregular or missed periods.

Possible Preventions And Treatment Of Irregular Periods.

If the periods come irregularly just a few times of the year, it is absolutely normal and you should fear nothing, but if you're still worried, there are a few things to try to see to the erring irregularity.

 1. Stress Management.

Stress management tips like meditation or yoga should be followed and utilised properly as stress has been proven to be directly linked to menstrual irregularities.

 2. Avoid Over-Exercising.

Running a marathon or doing all sorts of irregular exercises will definitely lead to irregular menses. Lack of exercise is bad for your menstrual health, and overdoing it is equally bad.
Need to do some exercise, play netball with friends or do some skipping is averagely normal for you. You can also play football or other sports but don't be too rough or you get irregular periods.

 3. Darken Your Rooms At Night.

So silly to put that here, just a story many people believe in. The reason you found it here was that the author of this story believed that there is no story that is not true. As far as darkening your rooms is not dangerous to your health, you can try it out and see if it works out for you.
The efficiency of this has not been proven though!

 4. Medications.

You tried all but doesn't work and your doctor says nothing's wrong. You're anxious and you go for medications. Oral contraceptives can be prescribed to get your period back to normal. But if you prefer the natural treatment, consider black cohash. This medicinal herb is sometimes used for menstrual irregularities and premenstrual syndrome, though scientific studies haven’t verified that black cohash is effective in this sense. Black cohash should not be used if you have any symptoms of or a past history of liver disease.

 5.  See Your Doctor!

The best and last resort.
The doctor is the last hope for the common woman. See your doctor, he knows best.
You should even consider seeing your doctor before taking any contraceptives or over the counter.
If you're having any irregularities in your periods, try talking your parents to take you to the doctor.


As a woman can not give birth to a child without menstruation, and for the ease of reproduction, menstruation should have a cycle. Every woman should keep track of her own menstrual cycle and try to keep it as regular as possible.
But if it fails to be so regular, it should be reported to a doctor and if it was confirmed to be totally normal, then there is no cause for alarm.
However, if it is abnormal, necessary treatment steps should be taken to ensure one lives a healthie and happy life.
Stay healthy!

I hope these tips helped in solving the problem of irregular period. I'll like to know your views on this post in the comment.
Thanks for reading.

Wish you a happy womanhood!
Flush able wipes are obviously not intended to be flushed. The issue was perceived worldwide when London sewer authorities supposedly expelled a 15-ton enormous chunk of wrongly flushed moist disposable clothes from the sewers. Infant wipes can be a lifeline, they are amazingly convenient when your youngster has ruined his diaper at home, or when your child needs a diaper change in a hurry. Obviously, there are guardians who are happy with utilizing a wet washcloth for cleaning their child's butt; however the comfort of an infant wipe is essentially too extraordinary to even think about resisting. There are a few brands of child wipes in the market, and separated from cleaning the infant's base, these wet novelettes can likewise be utilized for cleaning the face and hands of your muddled little holy messenger.

As a parent, we experience huge amounts of infant wipes once a day. Most guardians get only any infant wipe that they can discover in the retail establishment passageway. What they don't consider is that like all skincare items, Infant wipes contain a great deal of synthetic compounds. This can hurt your infant's meager, touchy skin. Picking a decent quality wipe with the correct fixings helps in counteracting rashes and sensitivities.
Extraordinary Wipes for Sensitive Skin
On the off chance that your child has amazingly delicate skin, at that point you need wipes that are defined to suit their skin type. These wipes are free of destructive synthetic substances, for example, liquor and chlorine, which can chafe the infant's skin and irritate diaper rashes. Fragrant infant wipes can likewise chafe the child's delicate skin. It is ideal to search for aroma free wipes containing every regular fixing, for example, aloe and nutrient E. On the off chance that you are potty preparing a baby, at that point you may choose flush able wipes.

Thickness and Size 

While picking child wipes, you should check the thickness and size of each wipe. While a less expensive wipe might be simpler on your pocket, it might be very slight and little. Clearly, nobody needs to finish up with grimy hands after a diaper change or go through numerous wipes to clean infant crap without fail. Along these lines, choose additional thick, enormous variations that are better and progressively proficient at cleaning the child's base.

Sort of Container 

Most child wipes are accessible in adaptable plastic packs with an inflexible flip-up top or a sticker-type top. You can open the cover and haul out the wipe with one hand while changing the infant's diaper. The unbending flip-up top guarantees that the moist disposable clothes remain sodden. One of the issues with these wipes is that they will in general get all grouped up in the plastic bundle. The ones with the sticker-type top will in general lose dampness quicker. An option to these is the hard child wipes holders with flip-up covers. These containers hold the dampness of the wipes. When the wipes are finished, rather than getting another bundle, you can basically purchase refills.

Baby Wipes buying Guide

When buying baby wipes, you need to look out for certain things.
@ Ingredients of the Wipes
You always thought that baby wipes are safe for your little one's delicate skin, but what most parents do not realize is that these wipes contain a variety of chemicals including parables and percolates (added for fragrance). Other not-so-good chemicals include Microscopical beanie―a synthetic attractant derived from coconut oil that is known to cause allergic contact dermatitis and skin irritation. Another ingredient to watch out for is phenomenology―a preservative used in cosmetic products and also present in many baby wipes, that is known to cause skin, eye, and lung irritation.
Some commonly used ingredients are water, glycerin, Chamomile Ricotta (Matricide aria) flower extracts, aloe Vera (aloe Barbadian) extract, lemon (citrus medical Limousin) oil, lavender oil, and tea tree leaf oil, are considered relatively safe by the ECG's Skin Deep Cosmetics Database. This American environmental organization lists the ingredients and their relative toxicity on personal care products for the benefit of the consumers.
Regular Infant Skin Problems:-
You'll be on high aware of notice any variation from the norm in your youngster's condition. In any case, when will you realize it's an ideal opportunity to go to the specialist and when will you handle it all alone? We should reveal some insight with a rundown of regular skin conditions and the job your wipes may play:
Warmth rash: You'll see modest red knocks on the skin. It's brought about by warmth particularly where dress rubs against skin. Your infant wipes can bother the circumstance if the fixings square perspiration channels.
Nappy rash: A flaky rash will show up under the diaper. In the event that your wipes leave the zones wet during a change and it's not dried first it can prompt a rash.
Support top: You'll discover pink fixes on the scalp and perhaps different zones of the body as well. White scales may likewise show up. The reason is variations from the norm in oil creation and this could be the beginning of dermatitis or skin inflammation.
A topic dermatitis: Skin will be red and bothersome, even unpleasant to the touch. It's frequently found on cheeks and joints. On the off chance that your wipes contain allergens it could irritate the condition however it's not the first reason. Your kid may convey this all through his or her life. A dermatologist can help with physician recommended drug however evacuating allergens will help in overseeing it.
These are the absolute most normal skin conditions and none of them puts your child's life in danger. Anyway when the skin gets sores or ends up split it might permit other microorganisms in. Your pediatrician or a dermatologist will direct you in medications. On the off chance that you see the issue endures or when it continues deteriorating you should visit a medicinal expert.

How important is it to look after Babies' Skin?

You should comprehend that your infant's skin is a piece of the framework that keeps the person in question sound. It keeps microorganisms out and keeps dampness inside. Yet, skin cells are as yet developing and creating and it not as great at ensuring the body as a grown-cup's skin seems to be. It's additionally simpler for this skin to get harmed.
Despite the fact that the skin will mend quick on the grounds that there's a plenitude of new cells you don't like your child uncovered in as such. In the initial couple of months, the individual in question doesn't be able to manage the microscopic organisms or detoxify yet.
So utilizing the correct wipes isn't just a decent propensity to have. This is you keeping your child solid. When you pick the correct ones your wipes will help:
Keep skin clean to limit diseases
Mitigate skin that might be harmed
Counteract dryness
Support the skin so it won't get harmed as effectively

Guest: Text Neck: What is it and how to recover from it?

A new enemy is skulking in the streets that we live in today. The houses we sleep in, the job we work at, the schools we attend and basically everywhere we travel. This enemy is called text neck, which is ravaging our health on a daily basis

What is Text Neck?

Text neck is a modern ailment. It refers to the neck pain and damage that is caused due to looking down at a particular device too frequently. Text neck is the biggest concern of the
global health currently. It is affecting people of all age groups, irrespective of their ages. This kind of continuous act of looking down at your mobile, laptop or any other devices can cause serious injury that will impact you for the rest of your life.

Is your smart phone literally a pain in the neck? If yes, then go through the below points to recover text neck:

  •  Limit the use of electronic devices:

This might be difficult but actually is simple. Take yourself away from electronic devices and try to give your neck a break for sometime. Moreover, you feel relaxed
without Candy Crush and Instagrarn.

  •  Take mini-breaks while working:

Of course, some people will find it dif´Čücult to take breaks while in office. If possible, use an alarm or app to set reminders to take a break from mobile or laptop. For every hour you are working at a desk or computer, make a point to take 2-3 minute break.
Try doing some neck exercises during break time.

  •  Place your devices closer to the eye:

Move your phone and other gadgets a level closer to your eyes. This will prevent your head from being tilted forward.

  •  Begin with neck stretches:

Perform cervical ranges of motion. These exercises are simple and yet effective to
stretch your neck. You can do these exercises in your free time or when taking a hot water shower. Allow the hot water to hit your neck and upper back this will help your neck muscles to relax.

  •  Improve your posture:

Always make a habit to stand up and sit straight, with your chin tucked in and
shoulders pulled back. Try and keep your body abreast in a neutral position.

Remember that it’s not just your mobile that may put you at risk of the symptoms
associated with text neck, it also depends on your posture when you perform your
daily activities. Take a moment to adjust and check your position. These small
changes may save you from developing chronic pain.

Editor's Notes.

Text neck is a serious ailment which should be regarded seriously. Carefully following all the tips in this short but helpful article will go a long way in taking care of text neck.

Thanks for reading.

The Author.

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