Stop Starving Yourself; See Top Foods You Should Eat While Losing Weight

It is very common among fat people or rather people who don't want to get fat to stay away from food. They believe that food could make them obese and is a great threat to their health, exposing them to many dangerous diseases.

However, most the foods they stay away from are actually harmless. They ignorantly ignore healthy foods and choose unhealthy ones, thinking it will help them lose weight. made some research and compiled some practices, foods and drinks that will make you add weight and others that do not, and that is what we're going to share with ourselves in this post.

You don't have to starve yourself before getting your desired weight anyway!

Practices That Cause Obesity.

There are some things you always do (and you may still be doing them now) that trigger your chances of getting overweight.  If you find yourself indulging in any of these, stop it! It might be the solution to your problem.

  • Eating processed or fast food high in fat. Processed food may contain a high proportion of fat you might not know about, so it is a good idea to stay away from processed and/or fast foods.
  • Drinking alcohol is not a healthy bargain for someone trying to lose some weight as alcohol contains a lot of calories and will help you gain weight like magic. So, stay away from alcohol.
  • Eating more food than you need. It is very bad to eat much food while trying to lose weight. Some people will skip a meal, say breakfast and eat lunch based on the principle that, I ate nothing this morning. This will do no good than adding more problems. Eat little meals slowly and regularly.
  • Sedentary lifestyle is bad if you will like to lose weight. From the sitting room to the dining table, to the bed, and back to the sitting room every day is not any good for your health. If you will truly like to lose weight, avoid a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Lack of exercise and activity is almost no different from sedentary lifestyle. But a person who works from morning till night sitting at a desk is not said to be living a sedentary lifestyle. But the fact is that, he or she might not have enough time to exercise, and this leaves adverse effects on the life of the victim.
  • Too much time spent watching television and browsing the internet can also act directly to helping one achieve a sedentary lifestyle, thereby adding excess weight.
  • Eating  some certain foods high in fat will make you add weight. The issue is, how do I know such foods that are high in fat and can help me gain weight?
  • Insufficient or too much sleep will not help in your weight loss campaign.
The last point on the list is the main question to be addressed in this article today.

What Foods Will Make You Obese?

There are baskets of food out there that will help you gain weight like never before, but trust me; not all foods you think will make you add up weight actually does so. There are some foods that are healthy for obese and non-obese people alike.

Foods That Are High In Fat.

As already stated, if you would like to maintain a healthy weight, there are a host of foods high in fat that you should stay away from. Some examples of foods that shouldn't be eaten by someone managing his or her weight includes;
  • Processed or red meats such as beef, pork, etc. These foods will easily increase your calories ad you add weight.
  • Sugary drinks like soda, soft drinks, etc. are not good for you if you're trying to lose weight.
  • White bread.
  • Pies, pastries and cakes.
  • Alcohol.
  • Candy bars.
  • Potato chips.

Foods That Won't Make You Obese.

As there are foods that will make you fat, there are also some foods that many people think will make you fat but actually don't. Examples of those foods are;

  • Whole eggs: Once being feared for a high calorie content, whole eggs has being cleared to be unconnected with weight gain.
  • Yogurt: The fact that yogurt won't make you add up weight remains a riddle yet to be solved. Scientists has not been able to explain the reason behind this fact. But anyway, it is the fact.
  • Vegetables: Yes! Healthy vegetables like green leafy vegetables, carrots, cucumbers, etc. will actually aid you in getting to your desired weight. They're not fattening, if they are not combined with high fat foods.
  • Citrus fruits: Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons will make you filled up, cutting down your intake of food. This will also help you in getting your desired weight, and will not make you fat. However, oranges are very sweet and should be eaten in moderation. Studies show that eating oranges with the peel will help you lose weight as it is found to contain anti-obesity properties.
  • Fishes: As meats are not a recommended source of protein for someone trying to lose weight, fishes will provide great help as they are not fatty. However, not much backup has been given to the fact that it will help you lose weight!
  • Olive oil: It is not recommended for fat people to take oils as they are very fatty. That's when olive oil comes to the rescue. Olive oils will not make you fat as presumed and should be used when you embark on your weight loss program.

That is the end of the article. Before I go, I leave you with these tips.

Weight Loss Tips.

  • Exercise regularly so as to burn the extra calories causing you to gain extra fat.
  • Avoid earing outside too much as most of the foods at birthdays, weddings and even restaurants like pies and cakes are unhealthy and very fatty.
  • Sleep sufficiently for at least seven hours every night but not longer than nine hours (if you're an adult).
  • Keep the television away from your room and limit the time you watch television.
  • Stay away from alcoholic drinks. For example beer.

We wish you success in your weight loss quest. Thanks for reading. Have any suggestions, corrections, complaints or questions, kindly drop it in the comments.


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