How To Grow A Beautiful Healthy Baby

It is the desire of every young parent to give birth to a beautiful baby whom they can always boast of to their friends.
The above picture clearly illustrates my point. Nobody is willing to give birth to a pikin, or do you? Lol.

Now let's move straight into the topic. Giving birth to a baby (as pictured above) is not an automatic process, it requires some sacrifices which must be carried out (not fetish though) and if you're not careful, you might end up giving birth to a pikin.

In order to give birth to a beautiful baby, there are a few things you must do during pregnancy, which leads us to the question;

How Do I Give Birth To A Beautiful Baby?
Pregnancy Tips

  • Never Skip Breakfeast: Skipping breakfast will be very dangerous for your health and the health of your baby. Breakfast won't help you add weight, instead, you'll be able to manage your weight.
  • Take Vitamins With Iron And Folic Acid Regularly: Iron will keep you healthy and ready for the birth of your baby, while folic acid prevents birth defects which will keep your baby beautiful, which is the main reason we are reading this. Examples of foods containing folic acid include leafy green vegetables, citrus fruits, beans, bread, etc. Eating lots of dark leafy green vegetables like spinach is essential for a pregnant woman because it contains both nutrients!
  • Exercise Regularly: The popular saying that exercises will harm your baby is totally a myth. Exercise will control your baby's weight and make delivery easier. So, exercise regularly.
  • Take Care With Food: To keep fit and healthy, a pregnant woman should take special care with food. Overcook your food, especially meat if possible because it helps to kill some bacteria which may endanger the health of your child.
  • Eat Small But Often: Because this aids digestion, makes you feel comfortable and prevents nausea and sickness.
  • Attend Antenatal Regularly: You should not be told to do this but you may not know antenatal helps you and your child, so be regular.
These are the rules you have to follow properly during pregnancy in order to ensure that you deliver your healthy and beautiful baby.

Now that you have given birth to your new beautiful and healthy baby, it's time to learn about the next steps in ensuring that your baby grows as a beautiful and healthy baby.

After a child is born, there are a number of steps that must be taken to ensure the baby maintains the beauty he/she had since birth.

These Include Early Measures Such As
  • Vaccinations: Make sure your child is vaccinated against all diseases that may disfigure him or her. Remember, a sick child can not be beautiful. A beautiful sick baby is just like a plastic gold, it may look appealing to the eye, but inside, it lacks lustre.
  • Exercising: Yes, exercise! Teach your child a few simple exercises, it would help him grow strong, healthy and beautiful but otherwise, he/she would just grow fat and add up weight and a fat baby can never be beautiful, hope you know?
  • Play: Allow your baby play. Playing will help your child develop a healthy, strong and sharp brain. It is recommended to buy a few toys for the baby which will keep him happier. You can also allow your child to play with his or her peers as it will improve your baby's relationship with others.
  • Learning: Talk to your baby, it will help him/her learn how to talk faster than you can imagine.
Also try to always make your baby smile by smiling at him. Encourage your child to smile at others too. If your child never smiles or cries excessively, take him or her to a doctor as the baby may be ill.

Also, growing the right hair can make you your baby more beautiful. In respect of this, I compiled a few tips that can make your child grow the right hair.

How Can I Grow The Right Air For My Baby?

  • Oiling The Air: There are a few oils out there which can make your baby's hair grow faster and more beautiful. Examples are coconut oil, thyme oil, almond oil, lemon oil, etc. as they provides moisture for hair growth.
  • Aloe Vera: Aloe vera is a very essential plant as it helps in virtually every thing in the body; skin, face, and now hair. Using aloe vera will help grow your hair very fast and it works like magic.
  • Grooming: Run a comb gently on over the scalps on your child's air to help blood circulation. You can also disentangle hair curls as the curls may come off, leaving a bald spot on the baby's hair.

Those are the baby's beautiful tips that can be shared today. Click on subscribe at the top of your screen to get our future posts via email. Thanks for reading.


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