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What Is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a serious chronic condition that affects the way the body processes blood sugar. It is also divided into two types, type 1 and type 2. But for this article, we are talking about the type two diabetes.

Diabetes is very common in Nigeria as more than 1.5 million people are currently living with diabetes. This is a huge number for this deadly disease. Also, 90% of people with diabetes are carrying the type 2 diabetes.

How Do You Know You're Having Diabetes?

Diabetes has a number of signs and symptoms which indicates you probably have diabetes. If you're seeing the following symptoms, see your doctor, you may be having diabetes!
  • Excessive thirst and hunger.
  • Frequent urination.
  • Significant weight loss or gain.
  • Dry mouth.
  • Fatigue.
  • Blurred vision
  • Slow healing wounds, etc.

If you observe a combination of these signs, it may mean you're having diabetes 2, quickly visit a medical professional for diagnosis and treatment. Remember, diseases require medical test and confirmation.

What Are The Causes Of Diabetes

Diabetes has a number of causes and risk factors. This range from man made causes to natural and inherited properties. Examples are as follows;
  • Obesity : This is simple, your weight is a risk factor of diabetes. Alwys try to control your weight as this leads to many deadly diseases like diabetes.
  • Bad Diet : Eating a lot of junk can be very bad as it may make you obese thereby increasing your risk of getting diabetes.
  • Sedentary Lifestyle: Sedentary lifestyle is a life of little or no activity. It can also mean a life of no excercise. If you only eat and sleep without any time for exercising, you are definitely prone to diabetes.
  • Illness : Studies also confirmed that people who are already suffering from a long lasting illness are more vulnerable to diabetes.
  • Pregnancy: Pregnant women are also more prone to diabetes than people who are not.
  • Family Line: Also, people whose ancestors were diabetes patients has a greater risk of getting the sickness more than other people. This however, does not mean you can't get diabetes if one of your family members is not infected.
These are the major causes of diabetes that will be stated today in this article. This takes us to the preventive measures of diabetes.

How Can Diabetes Be Prevented?

Prevention is better than cure, they said. Because diabetes has its own causes, it must also have some preventive measures which are shared as follows;

  1. Stay at a healthy weight: Controlling your weight is a great way of preventing diabetes as excess weight causes diabetes.
  2. Eat well: Stop eating junk, you'll accumulate weight and may subsequently become obese, increasing your diabetes risk.
  3. If you're already diagnosed to have prediabetes, a health conditions where you are already in a high risk of getting diabetes, using some diabetes preventive medication is a good idea. Prediabetes does not necessarily mean you are going to have diabetes.
  4. Stop Drinking Alcohol: Alcohol is a beverage that grratly increases your risk of getting diabetes, stop it!
  5. Exercise Regularly: This is very important for the prevention of almost all diseases. A life of little or no activity is a diabetic life. Do few exercises each day and your body will thank you for it.

  1. Stop Smoking: Smoking will not only increase your chances of getting diabetes, it will also move you closer to cancer and many other deadly diseases. So, stop smoking!
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Now that we know the preventive measures to be taken against diabetes, it's time to know if it could be treated and how.

Can Diabetes Be Treated?

The answer to this question is yes. Diabetes can be treated in a number of ways. These ways include self care, medications and seeing a medical professional. But bear this in mind, THERE IS CURRENTLY NO CURE FOR DIABETES! The methods listed below are to control your blood sugar levels thereby partially or totally helping you fight diabetes

1. Physical exercise.
2. Quit smoking.
3. Use blood thinners.
4.Get a diabetes counsellor.
5. Participate in weight loss programs.
6. Stay on a diabetic diet.
7. Insulin: Insulin is a hormone made.by pancreas that make the body store and use glucose. It is responsible for controlling the amount of sugar in the bloodstream.
8. Anti-diabetic medications.
9. Statin: It is responsible for decreasing the liver's production of harmful cholesterol.
10. Seeing a specialist: There are a hist of specialists you should see concerning your diabetic condition. These includes;
  • Nutritionist: To place you on a diabetic diet.
  • Ophthalmologist: To treat eye related diseases.
  • Endocrinologist: To treat hormone and metabolic disorders.
  • General healthcare consultant: For general issues that pop up as a result of the sickness.
Know Diabetes, fight diabetes!

We are stopping here today. There will be more tomorrow. Thanks for reading.

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