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Why You Should Never Try Cocaine And Alcohol

Drug abuse nowadays is a common occurrence in our communities. Each day, we listen to sad tales of people who abuse drugs and later end up badly. This always leave us wondering, why do people abuse drugs?

Firstly, before we go deep into the contents of today's article, we need to understand the meaning and scope of drug abuse.

What Is Drug Abuse?

As we all know, when we fall ill and we go to the hospital for medical treatment, the doctors recommend some drugs to us that if used in the right way, our body will finction normally, i.e. we'll be well.

Now, imagine a doctor telling you to use a tablet of a particular drug and you went on to use four, either to speed up the process or for other reasons. The drug may end up doing things it was not intended for, and this may cause serious problems in the body.

Therefore, drug abuse is the misuse of any drugs, either legal or illegal to achieve a desirable or undesirable psychological effect.

Ways Drugs Can Be Abused.

When we talk about drug abuse, the first thing that comes to mind isthe use of alcohol, cocaine, etc. But in actual fact, drug abuse is many times wider than that. I shall be highlighting the various kinds of drugs that can be abused here and now.

When we talk about drug abuse, it primarily means misusing drugs, and you can't possibly tell me cocaine is the only drug that can be misused.

You can abuse over the counter drugs which are almost available for everyone with little no restrictions. For example, buying a well-known drug such as paracetamol and using three tablets instead of two because you think you are stronger, or maybe need more drugs than others, is a perfect example of drug abuse.

You overuse these drugs for many reasons which may be linked to the fact that the dosage is not clearly defined or you probably have used it previously and you thought it didn't work well!

To be speaking factually correct, if you use half a tablet than the recommended dose, you're practically abusing drugs, period! This is one of the ways drugs can be abused.

Another way, the most popular way drugs are abused is the purchase and usage of hard drugs.

Hard drugs like cocaine, indian hemp, etc. are bought and used by abusers. This carries a  lot of risks as these drugs are never used the right way.

For example, you may ask a smoker why he smokes and he tells you; "to lose weight." To be honest, smoking of cigarettes I think will not make you lose bad weight. Instead, the weight valuable to your body is lost and you're left dry and unhealthy.

What Drugs Are Often Abused?

Of course, drug abuse is rampant in our environment and we don't need to be told before we know the most abused drugs.

We may hear about many drugs being abused, but in this post, we are going to talk about the ones we feel are the most notable and notorious.


Cocaine is naturally a stimulant (jerks you up) and it's a reputable one at that.


Cocaine was rumoured to be discovered over three thousand years before Christ was born (such a long time ago) when certain men chewed leaves known as coca leaves to "get their hearts racing and to speed their breathing."

Coca leaves since them held a lot of argument as to whether it is lawful and healthy or not.

Cocaine was first extracted from its leaves as a standalone in 1859 by a German chemist known as Albert Niemann.

An Austrian psychoanalyst once used the drug and becae the first person to publicly promote cocaine as a potent drug to cure impotence and depression. The psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud published an article in 1884 to promote cocaine, describing it as a magical substance.

Did You Know? 
Coca-Cola once contained cocaine!

The drug continued to enjoy popularity when John Pemberton included cocaine in his new soft drink, Coca-Cola partially accounting for the name. However, cocaine was removed from Coca-Cola in 1903.

Initially, only rich men could afford cocaine because of it's cost. But as time went on, almost everyone who could eat once daily could afford it. This accounts for the high rate of cocaine addiction right now.

Cocaine was the second most trafficked illegal drug in 2008

Cocaine was officially banned in the USA  at 1905.

Reading these facts about cocaine, you may want to ask, what are the effects of cocaine?

How Is Cocaine Used?

Cocaine can be taken into the body in a variety of ways, which includes.
  • Snorting.
  • Chewing the coca leaves.
  • Injecting.
  • Addition to food or drinks, etc.

Effects Of Cocaine.

Why is it always said that cocaine should be avoided? Cocaine has a lot of devastating physical and psychological effects, but to save time, we shall try to cut it down to summary.

  1. It can lead to increased loss of appetite.
  2. Cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease are common among victims.
  3. Contraction of blood vessels.
  4. Increased breathing rate.
  5. Uneasy sleep constantly disturbed by hallucinations.
  6. Depression.
  7. Intense cravings for the drug (one of the most addictive drug).
  8. Cocaine could lead to sudden death from an extremely high dose (even if you're a first time abuser).

Whaen we take a good look at the effects of cocaine, we should easily deduct that no sensible human will resort to taking cocaine. But no, cocaine still remains one of the most widely abused illegal drug worldwide.

Why is this?

It isn't only that abusers are ignorant of the effects of cocaine, many other factors contribute to the already high and still increasing rate of cocaine use.

Reasons For Cocaine Abuse.

A lot of people take cocaine just to be "part of them." A man may have ten friends who all take cocaine and so as not to be described as being naïve, he may take the stuff and subsequently become an abuser.

Many other people blame boredom as the factor which made them pick up cocaine. They think cocaine will kill their boredom and keep them active but they later live to suffer the bitter punishment of addiction.

People whose older family members or friends take cocaine may also try it to feel bigger. They simply want to feel like grown ups and they think the formula for calculating the rate of your maturity is drug abuse. This is also a common reason for cocaine use in our society.

Also, cocaine may also be used by thugs and hoodlums to get enough strength to cause trouble. As cocaine is stimulant, it stimulayes them and they work too much and they become nuisance to the community.

These and more sre the numerous reasons why people take cocaine.

But wait, have you thought that why do they take it continuously. When they take some amount of this cocaine for a particular period of time and find it bad, why can't they just stop and live normal lives?

Addiction To Cocaine.

Just what you were looking for. Addiction is the reason why they can't just stop taking cocaine after they started.

Once you start using cocaine, you develop a type of craving for the drug and you want more and more every time. Inability to get more will definitely lead to withdrawal symptoms which includes cravings, hallucinations and many other numerous symptoms.

However, you're still going to experience these symptoms if you don't stop, so it's better you stop, and, the earlier, the better!


Alcohol is a well known hard drink which can be classified as a depressant although some scientists have the opinion that it is both a stimuant and a depressant.

When alcohol is taken in a little amount, it causes the stimulating effects but if taken in a larger amount, it causes depressive effects.

How Is Alcohol Used?

Alcohol, as widely known is drunk. It is used by drinking it into our intestines, (just like water), but what it does is far worse than anything water could do.

Is Alcohol Addictive?

Yes! But it is definitely not as addictive as cocaine. Be aware that you'll always want to drink more, and the more you drink, it stores. This could lead to binge drinking, or a very large proportion of alcoholic content in your blood, which is dangerous.

What Are The Effects Of Alcohol?

Alcohol intake causes a lot of problems in the body. These problems range from short term to long time effects. For example;
  • Slurred speech is a major characteristic of an alcoholic which is also a major effect of the alcohol he drinks.
  • People who drink alcohol usually have visual problems.
  • Frequent but serious mood swings is also a major effect of alcohol.
  • Memory disabilities.
  • Drinking causes different types of ulcer.
  • Respiratory problems are common among drinkers.
  • Cancer is also said to be linked to alcohol.
  • Cardiovascular diseases could be caused by alcohol, etc.

When drinkers use alcohol and observe the adverse effects, they may want to stop. But stopping alcohol, you must face the withdrawal symptoms which are discussed as follows.

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms.

Withdrawal symptoms are what you feel when you abruptly try to stop drinking. They are similar to the symptoms and they include psychological effects such as;
  1. Visibly shaking.
  2. Feeling tired easily.
  3. Lack of concentration.
  4. Seriously disturbed sleeping punctuated by hallucinations.
And physical effects such as;
  1. Trembling.
  2. Sweating.
  3. Headache.
  4. Vomiting.
  5. Nausea, etc.


Alcohol and cocaine are two  
of the most dangerous but most abused drugs.

If you have been patiently following this article, you must have understood that the following problems may arise from the use of cocaine and alcohol.

  • Using drugs at the wrong dose is drug abuse.
  • Cocaine and alcohol are two of the most trafficked illegal drugs.
  • Cocaine may lead to a number of problems and cocaine withdrawal is also a cause of many health illnesses.
  • Alcohol and cocaine are addictive, but cocaine is more addictive than alcohol.
  • Alcohol also has both withdrawal symptoms, and effects arising from excessive use, so, you're cornered.
The best option is to know and not take the drugs in the first place!

Those are the dangerous effects of alcohol and cocaine. Drop a comment.

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Ectopic Pregnancy And Preeclampsia, Stealing The Joy Of Pregnancy

It is the ambition of every woman to one day give birth to a beautiful baby, but, this dream will be totally unrealistic if there was no pregnancies. According to comon knowledge, pregnancy is the only normal route a foetus (unborn baby) can take to life, any other way is purely spiritual.

If you're reading this article, you should have known that the only way by which a woman can get pregnant to give nirth to a baby is mating, which occurs in human being through sex.

What Causes Pregnancy?

When the egg, from a female ovary meet with a sperm from the male reproductive system, the egg gets fertilized by the sperm and this process is known as fertilization.

In short, the whole process of pregnancy is as a result of fertilization, which can be achieved by the process of sexual intercourse. Artificial insemination is also an innovative way of achieving the same effect.

When the egg is fertilized by a sperm, it forms a zygote and attaches to woman uterus where it develops further.

How Do I Know If I'm Pregnant?

The signs of pregnancy are often unknown, especially among the newbies. This part of the article outlines some important signs of pregnancy you have to watch out for. Though, the signs may not be the same in everyone, people are far more likely to experience some common symptoms which includes.
  1. Missed period. Number one sure sign. A missed period is a major sign of pregnancy, though it may not be associated with pregnancy at all times. When a person is suspected to be pregnant in our local communities, a period miss will clear the suspicion. However, this may not be a clear way of diagnosing pregnancy as there are a uosts of other infections that may lead to period loss or delay.
  2. Fatigue. Experiencing tiredness in things you may easily do without getting tired.
  3. Mood swings or changes in your mood.
  4. A strange change in food choices.
  5. The breasts become slightly enlarged, and more sensitive.
  6. Constipation. Constipation is are irregular bowel movements, characterised by small stools which are a difficult to pass, etc.

As pregnancy is usually a source of joy to everyone, it sometimes leads to sadness, especially when it comes negatively.

Unwanted and irregular/abnormal pregnancies can all be a source of sadness to the family as a whole. When this happens, pregnancy may then be seen as a punishment rather than a blessing.

Let's quickly see some instances where pregnancy goes wrong.

Unwanted Pregnancy Issues.

There are a lot of irregular illnesses and unwanted issues that may come with pregnancy. We have researched and compiled two which we consider most saddening and may have grave effects, good to go? Let's dive in.

Ectopic pregnancy.

You might have come across the ter  before, but you don't know the meaning? Here, I'm going to tell you, what is ectopic pregnancy.

Ectopic pregnancy is a very serious condition that occurs when a fertilized egg implants and develops out of the uterus.

This is a very serious medical condition that would require urgent emergency medical attention if suspected.

What Is Ectopic Pregnancy?

As already stated, in a normal pregnancy, the eggs are fertilized in the fallopian tube and the eggs travel through the fallopian tube to the uterus where the eggs develop and grows into a baby.

But in ectopic pregnancy, the case is different. The eggs get stuck within or outside the fallopian tube before getting to the uterus and the eggs srart developing there.

This is a very serious case because an ectopic pregnancy has never resulted in a safe delivery.

How Do I Know If It's An Ectopic Pregnancy?

When some pregnancies develop abnormal characteristics, the carrier of the pregnancy is curious to know if it might be an ectopic pregnancy and we're going to talk about the sign and symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy today.

Don't worry, ectopic pregnancy is very rare and is not just a common incidence, so, there are chances that your pregnancy may not be what you fear. Note that there may be no symptoms at first and start like a normal pregnancy but as it develops, the symptoms arise. This is why it is very reasonable to start an antenatal program during pregnancy.

Ectopic pregnancy symptoms usually vary and there is a less chance that you may get all the symptoms listed below. The best option is to visit your doctor for a checkup.

No time, let's see the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy.

  • Severe abdominal and shoulder pain.
  • Missed period.
  • Vaginal bleeding.
  • Nausea and painful vomit.
  • Dizziness and fainting spells.
  • Breast tenderness and fatigue.
  • Cramps and spotting.
  • Discomfort in the tummy, coupled with pain usually from one side of the body.
When you notice any of the mentioned symptoms during pregnancy, see your doctor, he'll run some tests on you and see if you're actually having an ectopic pregnancy or another infection.

Remember, don't delay this step. The earlier they know, the better for you.

How Is An Ectopic Pregnancy Treated?

Once the medical doctor detects you're having an ectopic pregnancy, the next thing that should happen is treatment and this brings about the question; what is the solution to an ectopic pregnancy?

Once a patient has been said to have an ectopic pregnancy, there are two options for treatment available.

If it's just a mild one with not much damage made to your fallopian tube, and you have low levels of hCG (produced when you're pregnant), your doctor may prescribe a medication known as Methotrexate (trexall). It is injected into the body and stops the foetus from growing further, so it can be absorbed by the body easily.

However, it may have a number of side effects on the body, which may include nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, etc. But this should not discourage you


Preeclampsia is another condition that occurs only during pregnancy and can be characterized by high blood pressure and protein content in urine, after yhe twentieth week of pregnancy.

Preeclampsia may start out as gestational hypertension, and although a high blood pressure means a pregnant woman may be having the condition, it does not necessarily mean you're having preeclampsia.

5-8% of pregnancies suffer from preeclampsia!

Causes of preeclampsia.

The cause of preeclampsia is not really known, but it is greatly associated with some defined risk factors according to research.

Though preeclampsia may affect any pregnancy, some people are at more risk of getting preeclampsia because of some qualities.

Risk factors of preeclampsia.

  • As gestational hypertension is directly linked to preeclampsia, people with a previous history of gestational hypertension are more likely to have preeclampsia.
  • A woman who is being pregnant for the first time has more risks of having preeclampsia.
  • A person whose family line has been previously linked with preeclampsia has a higher risk of having it themselves.
  • A woman who is younger than 20 or older than 40 is not advised to get pregnant for fear of preeclampsia.
  • When you are carrying two or more babies (foetus), you're at a high risk of getting preeclampsia.
  • Obese women, etc.

How Do I Know If I Have Preeclampsia.

Mild preeclampsia has many symptoms which includes high blood pressure, water retention and a protein content in the urine amongst others.

But as it graduates to severe preeclampsia, the symptoms also graduate to more aggravated symptoms like headaches, blurred vision, nausea and vomiting, sensitivity to light, fatigue, vomiting amongst others.

What Can Preeclampsia Cause?

Preeclampsia has a lot of dangerous, or even fatal effects on the health of both the mother and child.

A short list of compiled effects of preeclampsia are;
  • Terribly high blood pressure.
  • Separation of placenta from the uterus.
  • Seizures.
  • Stroke.
  • Kidney failure.
  • Rupture of the liver, and in worse cases,
  • Death of mother or child!

Preventions Of Preeclampsia.

As the cause of preeclampsia is not really known, there is no prevention for preeclampsia, but doctors do recommend some tips to have a healthy pregnancy.

Having regular exercises, reducing the amount of salt in your diet, limiting your intake of alcohol, avoiding junk foods and having enough rest are all practices that ensure you have a healthy preeclampsia free pregnancy.

What Are The Treatments For Preeclampsia?

Once you have preeclampsia, the best thing you should do is to see a doctor to secure your life, and importantly, the life of your child.

As preeclampsia only happens during pregnancy, all you have to make sure is a safe delivery. Once you have a safe delivery, your predicament is gone. However, some people may not be strong enough to make it through the pregnancy, some tips are recommended by medical experts to help.

Consuming less salt, taking a lot of water, including more proteins in your diet and exercise can help you, but never miss antenatals.

Thanks for reading.

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How You Can Make Your Kids Eat Better With Simple Techniques

Everybody want their kids to eat the best foods that will make them grow faster, and smarter. The problem is; Do they know the right way to do it?

Some parents, in their quest for giving their kids good food at all costs later lead to pampering, and this do no good than just getting the child fat and unhealthy.

This article covers some simple techniques that wiil help you feed your kids the right way, take a seat, read and digest.

How To Feed Your Kids Better With Simple Tips.

These tips are what you have to teach your kids for quality health and wellness, a must know for every parent, read on to find our interesting but important facts.

Never skip breakfasts.

It is important to let your kids know they have no cause to skip breakfast. It is always preached that breakfasts are essential for a good start into the day, breakfasts are good for weight loss, etc.

Eating breakfast is approved to have a lot of benefits which includes help with weight loss, decreased risk of developing health diseases, etc. Your kid will never grow to like this important meal unless you introduce it at an early stage.

So, encouraging your child or children to eat a healthy breakfast is helpful to their health.

Milk and water!

The fact that milk and water are the best drinks for your kids can not be argued.

Water as we all know has a lot of benefits and almost no side effects. Water makes up more than 75 percent of bodily fluids and the young kids simply need a lot of water to keep their body in optimum health.

Milk is also a good beverage to introduce to your children as it is the only safe drink except water they could drink a lot of.

Milk contains calcium and vitamin D which are needed in the body for strong bones and teeth, and apart from providing essential vitamins and calcium, milk also provides many other essential nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, etc.

Milk and water are simply the two beverages you should introduce to your kids at their early age as almost all other drinks are not nutritionally appealing.

Exclusive breastfeeding.

In order to develop your kid into a strong, sharp and smart child, you should know when to start and stop breastfeeding your child.

Apart from containing necessary nutrients such as iron, breast is also outstanding as it is very easy to digest and provides protection against a wide range of diseases.

As prescribed by many health agencies, the normal age for introducing solid foods (gradually stopping breast milk is six months but one should take care not to stop breastfeeding too early or too late.

What is the effect of stopping breastfeeding too early?
The baby may not be able to digest the new food he or she is being introduced to and this may cause many problems.

But on the other hand, what are the effects of stopping breastfeeding too late?
By about six months, the baby needs more iron than your breast milk can provide and stores lower iron. To restore this deficiency, the baby will need supplementary iron providing foods to help maintain a stable iron supply for optimum health and wellness.

Choose healthy snacks.

In order to make your dram healthy child, you should choose healthy snacks for them and never leave them to but snacks on their own.

A lot of unhealthy snacks are advertised everyday and the children may want to have a taste but it is your responsibility as a parent to make then know the snacks are unhealthy.

You can also make the kids accustomed to healthy snacks by always making it available for them.

Snacks like whole grain snacks and milk are not bad and unhealthy snacks like sugary drinks (soda), cakes and pies and processed foods should be discouraged.

Choosing healthy snacks will go a long way in determining your kids diet as it is a powerful influencer.

Be a role model.

Do what you want the kids to do. You can't possibly enjoy unhealthy foods each day and dare them to go near it. Your kids watch whatever you do!

When you eat healthy foods and snacks, your kids will be convinced the ignored ones are bad and would not go near it. They would find it easier to resist outside the home.

But when you yourself eat these and tell them not to, they may actually feel you're trying to let them miss something and go on to try it.

So, do what you want them to do!

Table manners!!!

I hope you still remember the good old table manners. Yes, introducing your children to table manners expose them to how they are supposed to behave at the dining table.

Don't talk while you're chewing!
Don't sleep while you're eating!
Sit properly on your chair!
Keep water beside you...

These and more are the numerous table manners that you can teach your children and monitor how well they observe it.

These tanle manners help the child to get stuck to a code of conduct he will always follow whenever he's eating, so, teach your child the table manners.

Make foods attractive.

This is especially important for picky eaters or kids who won't eat no matter what.

Displaying a colorful set of good food is essential for stimulating the appetite and attracting your kids to the food.

When the food is attractive everyone would love it and want to have a taste. This way, you can turn your non eating stubborn kid into a glutton.

An example of how to make the food attractive is by mixing colors, for instance, green vegetables, red carrots, and other attractive intermixing of colors which am not very good at. This way, I'm sure everything will be win-win because you end up with a coorful mix of invaluable nutrients!

Encourage slow eating.

Your kids should be told that it is beneficial to eat slowly.

It takes minutes to send signals to the brain that the body is full. A too fast eating speed may cause the kids to overeat before actually knowing that they are already full.

Eating slowly will allow the body to detect when we're full, and send signals to the brain so the brain notifies you that you're full. This wil take up to fifteen minutes and if care is not taken, fast eating may cause overeating and obesity risks.

Thanks for reading!

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Unhealthy Foods You Seem To Love

We take lot of foods sometimes, thinking it is very healthy for us. But, ignorantly, we fail to discover we're doing ourselves more harm than good.

This article is to create awareness about some foods we seem to enjoy and we don't worry about, but in actual life, it remains unhealthy.

Below is a comprehensive list of the many foods we relish but is slowly killing or damaging us.

What Are The Unhealthy Foods You Love.

1. Margarine.

Margarine is a fatty product that's contains polyunsaturated fats (PUF). Sounds simple? But actually not. Margarine is very related to many diseases such as heart disease, obesity, etc.

Also contained in margarine are some man-made fats known as Trans Fats. Trans Fats are dangerous fats formed during the process of hydrogenation. These manufactured fats are highly dangerous and are highly linked to many cardiovascular diseases.

A look back at the origin of margarine clearly shows it was not invented for healthy purposes. According to Wikipedia, margarine was created by Hippolyte Mega-Mouries in response to a challenge by Napoleon III to create a cheaper butter substitute from beef tallow for armed forces or lower classes.

Over the years, scientists discovered more innovations like hydrogenation and the margarine was made more sophisticated, and sadly enough, more unhealthy.

Furthermore, a study at the Annals Of Internal Medicine published a finding that margarine is related to heart disease and butter is not half as dangerous.

The message is simple; If you love your money, go for margarine. If you love your health, go for butter!

2. White breads.

There is no need to start defining whitebread. It is just a stuff loved by many that can easily cause a lot of problems in the body.

White bread is a highly processed bread commonly made of wheat flour and provides carbohydrates to the body.

However, the carbohydrates provided by white bread are usually digested quickly without providing much nutrients to the body, like most refined and highly processed carbohydrates.

White breads are deeply associated with obesity and many other dangerous diseases.

The body is also endangered by white bread because it only provides unhealthy carbohydrates without really giving us any good nutrient in return.

White breads also contains excess calories and what is the use of eating something giving us too many calories without any nutrients.

I strongly advise against white breads.

3. Sugary drinks.

Everybody loves everything sweet. That's a fact. But most sweet things are dangerous. That's a fact too!

According to Boston Public Health Commission, sugar beverages (drinks high in sugar) may have many be associated with many ills such as.

  • It can increase the risk of gaining weight, diabetes qnd gout.
  • It is significantly associated with weight gain and obesity.
  • People who consume sugar beverages daily have more than twice the risk of getting diabetes than people who doesn't.
Other effects of consuming sugary drinks may include dental issues. People who drink a lot of sugary drinks are more associated with tooth decay then people who don't drink as much as that.

Also, what I may want you to realize is that drinking sugar is worse than eating it. That is, sugar beverages are even worse than the sugar itself!

4. Cakes and donuts.

Common pary treats? Yes.
Good for the body? No!
Though, cakes are not generally classed as unhealthy, but they consist of some ingredients which are classified as unhealthy.

Just like whitebread, cakes may have excess sugar and flour which are unarguably dangerous for the body.

Some studies and finding agreed that if cake is only enjoyed on an occasional basis and not as a day to day snack, it may not be unhealthy.

Donuts however, contains high amounts of sugar, flour and added fats and may be very unhealthy.

Donuts can also be extremely high in caloriesas an average donut contains up to 300 calories. This can be very fattening and may lead to obesity.

Donuts are also linked with high blood sugar levels and according to healthline, when you wake with a high sugar level and eating donuts may further elevate them.

If so, then why donuts?

5. Sweets and chocolates.

Chocolates are long known to be connected to many health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease.

But chocolates are sometimes said to have minimal advantages as dark chocolate helps with vascular problems. But due to the amount of milk and sugar, eating a lot of chocolate to help manage vascular problems may end up causing more harm than good.

Sweets, on the other hand are simply unhealthy because they contain lots of sugar and other non-beneficial nutrients.

As almost all sweets has a high sugar content, the effects of eating sweets are identical to the,effects of eating sugar. These effects may include high risk of diabetes, tooth decay and reduced HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol).

That is the end of this article. Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 5 May 2019

10 Times You Might Be Killing Yourself

There are a lot of things we do everyday without any or much thought or thinking. Some of these actions may be actually dangerous with many harmful effects, and worse still, death.

Here is a list of dangerous things you do that may kill you without you attaching much importance to it.

10 Times You Might Be Killing Yourself.

There are many warning signs we odten ignore and see as unnecessary, but the true part of the story is that these actions might also be killing you.

Many people usually ask, what is dangerous in everyday activities? What can kill you? What are the dangerous things you do everyday? and so on. But if you're reading this, be assured this is the best collection of hidden tips that tells you about dangerous acts might be killing you.

Below are some of what you do everyday that are dangerous to your health and might kill you.

1. Smoking near or at a petrol station or pump.

I guessed you must have seen a notice of 'no smoking' at any petrol station. I pray you don't ignore it because it is one of the most important notices you might ever see. Chances are that you may mistakenly drop the cigarette over a petrol spill, which may throw the whole place on fire, endagering not only you but many other people as well.

It is also good to know that cigarettes caused a reasonable number of domestic accidents as about 20% of domestic fires are caused by cigarettes.

2. Drinking before driving or drinking while driving.

This is another common notice that is usually ignored. Drinking on the road or before getting to the road is fatal because it leads to poor judgment. It can also affect your concentration thereby causing road traffic accidents.

Also, 41 of every death in Nigeria is a road traffic accident, and the biggest cause of road traffic accidents are alcohol related.

3. Trying to quench an electrical fire with water.

Have you ever experienced an electrical spark and you suggested using water?
Don't try it!
Water is known to be a high conductor of electricity and using water to quench an electrical fire will just continue the transfer of electricity and may lead to electrical shock and sometimes, death.

Incase of an incident, an electrical fire should be quenched by using a good fire-extinguisher or if it is a small fire, you can detect the source of the fire and fix it before it goes viral.

4. Watching too much television.

A study by the American College Of Cardiology revealed a suggestion that spending more than four hours daily before a screen can increase your risk of you getting heart attack and stroke by 113 percent.

The above fact clarifies the fact that too much use of the television and computers can reduce your lifespan.

It is advisable to reduce the amount of time we spend on our computers, phones and most especially, the television. Such reduction will help us live a healthier longer life.

5. Leaving electrical appliances on when leaving the house.

Leaving electrical appliances on is very dangerous and is one of the biggest causes of domestic fires. According to a study, 65 per cent of all domestic fires are caused by electrical appliances.

This is not only applicable when leaving the house, but whenever there is power outage. Leaving appliances on after power outage may cause a serious fire incident when the lights come on, so it is recommended to put off and unplug all electrical appliances.

6. Knowing more than your doctor.

This is also where you might be killing yourself. Ignoring the advice of a doctor is very unhealthy and can lead to dangerous side effects. Also, lying to your doctor about a disease, symptoms, causes and other useful information means nothing more than killing yourself.

Using overdose or underdose against the advice of your doctor is also a way of showing you know than your doctor. These are very dangerous and can worsen your condition, thereby leading to death.

Always obey your doctors and never lie to them.

7. When you don't get enough sleep.

You can't argue with me that insufficient sleep can kill fast. If you want to, digest this.
Poor sleeping habits can lead to drowsiness at the wheels, and may cause dangerous road accidents. Also, insufficient sleep can cause a number of dangerous health diseases like heart attack, diabetes, etc. according to various reports and studies.

A normal person should sleep for six to eight hours a day to prevent any sleep related health problems.

8. Eating from fast food restaurants.

Researches confirmed that fast food restaurants are one of the biggest sources of unhealthy food. Most foods served in a fast food restaurant is usually related to cardiovascular diseases.

9. Ignoring small wounds.

Yes, it's normal. That little wound on your leg which will cure by itself in a matter of days. But to be truthful, that small wound on your leg may be as dangerous as a cancer.

Your small wound can be infexted by sepis, which can kill in a matter of days if you are not careful, so not every small wound on you is harmless. They may be dangerous, they may be killing you!

10. Drinking a lot of water.

This may sound funny, but drinking a lot of water at a time can kill. Too much water intake is usually caused by excessive thirst, and thinking you can drink more than you actually can.

This is common among athletes who may, after a rigorous workout drink a lot of water to quench their thirst.

How To Stay Safe.

This is a collection of a few tips on what you can do to keep yourself safe and live longer.
  • Drink in moderation.
  • Treat all wounds, ignore no wounds.
  • Never ignoring medical advice.
  • Don't drink or smoke.
  • Don't watch television late into the night and switch off all electrical appliances before sleeping or going out.

If you can follow all these tips plus the advice of your doctor. I wish you congratulations as you get ready to live a long, healthy life.

Thanks for reading.

What Is Food Allergy? Causes, Symptoms And Preventions

What Is Food Allergy?

Food allergies are immune reactions, usually uncomfortable or dangerous, which occurs soon after an unsupported food is eaten.

According to the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about 4-6 percent of kids and 4 percent of adults have an allergy of some kind. As stated above, children are more likely to be allergic to some certain foods but allergic symptoms can occur at any age and you can develop an allergy for a food you've eaten for years without any problems.

When you think you're having the symptoms of allergy, the specialist you need to see is an allergist. An allergist is a medical professional who studies the symptoms, source and treats the symptoms of allergy to food.

What Are The Symptoms Of Food Allergies?

Having an allergic reaction to some foods can cause uncomfortable reactions in your body. You can easily know youre allergic to a certain food because you begin to feel the following symptoms few minutes or hours after eating the food.

These allergic symptoms includes ;

  • Clinging or tingling in the mouth soon after eating the offensive food.
  • Significant swelling of the tongue that it may affect speech or breathing.
  • Dizziness, feeling lightheaded or fainting.
  • Repetitive cough.
  • Breathing problems and nasal congestion.
  • Trouble swallowing due to tight hoarse throat.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
However, food allergies may trigger a more severe ccondition known as Anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is a life threatening condition which can lead to coma or death if untreated. In addition to the symptoms of allergies, anaphylaxis has some other symptoms which includes the following.
  • A severe drop in the blood pressure due to shock.
  • Impaired breathing.
  • Rapid pulse.
  • Unconsciousness due to dizziness and lightheadedness.

As anaphylaxis is an extremely dangerous symptom, one should call for emergency treatment if the symptoms are suspected.

Causes Of Food Allergies.

After reading this article to this point, you may ask; What are the causes of food allergies? And that's just what I'm going to share with you here.

Food allergies happens when your immune system mistakenly identifies a specific food item or class as something harmful and releases chemicals to neutralize the suspected food item.

When this happens, eating very small amounts of foods your body has identified to be dangerous may cause the immune system to notify the body cells to release the chemical (usually immunoglobulin E) to fight the allergen (the offensive food).

This means that when you're allergic to a particular food, eating very little amounts of it will cause almost all the symptoms that can be experienced when you eat a lot of it.

However, your risk of being allergic to foods can be increased by the following.

  1. Food causes.
Food causes of allergies are when allergic reactions occurs soon after eating a particular food. It means the body has identified the particular food iitemas something potentially harmful and once you take in the food, you experience allergic symptoms.
However, more people are allergic to certain foods more than others.
Any food can cause allergic reactions, but majorities of allergies are usually caused by the following foods.
  • Shellfish.
  • Eggs.
  • Fish.
  • Peanuts.
  • Wheat.
  • Tree nuts, for example, walnut.
  • Milk.
  • Soy.
These eight types of foods account for about ninety percent of all allergies but this does not mean you should stop eating it if it causes no reactions.

  2. Exercise induced reactions.

Sometimes, allergic reactions may occur as a result of the intake of a food item soon after exercising. However, this can be prevented easily by eating before exercising.

  3. Having other allergies.

You may be allergic to insect stings, drugs or have the hay fever or skin allergies. These may eventually lead to food allergies as they are heavily linked together. It will be a good idea to start talking to your doctor about the emergency food allergies treatment if it comes severe.

Also, being allergic to some foods may also trigger allergies to some other foods.

Risk Factors Of Food Allergies.

Due to some risk factors, some people may be be at more risk of developing allergies or allergic reactions.

  • Family history.
People who have a family member who has previously been diagnosed of one of the food allergies related illnesses like asthma, hives or hay fever are at a bigger risk of developing allergies.
  • Age.
If you've been following this article, you should understand that young people are at a greater risk of getting food allergies.
  • Other allergies.
People who are allergic to other foods or have previous allergic illnesses are at a greater risk of developing food allergies.

Preventions Of Food Allergies.

When your body is allergic to a particular food, you may prevent occurrence of allergic reactions by following these tips.
  • Read labels of foods carefully and be sure it's not containing any of the ingredients you are allergic to.
  • In case you later develop severe reactions, you may start to talk to your doctor about emergency epinephrine.
  • It is a good idea to take special foods to parties in case you're having allergies to party treats.
  • Be careful at restaurants and always know the constituents of what you're eating, remember, a small amount may cause allergic symptoms.
  • Notify people you have the reactions by wearing a medical bracelet if your mouth is affected.

How Is Food Allergies Treated?

Food allergies has no cure. However, it's symptoms can be treated using epinephrine. Epinephrine is injected into the body to atop the allergic reactions.

Epinephrine auto-injectors are emergency epinephrine injecting apparatus which your allergist should prescribe and teach you how to use once you're diagnosed of food allergies.

Once you experience allergies symptoms, visit your doctor. That is the best way to treat food allergy.

Friday, 3 May 2019

Dangers Of The Use Of Mobile Phones And Internet You Might Not Know About

These days, the internet has gained more popularity as the powerhouse of information sharing than ever before. Recently, people tend to dump their television for their mobile phones,and with online streaming apps and websites, mobile phones has proven to us that it can perform the job of the television, even better.

However, as people tend to use these devices, they seem to be ignorant about the health complications of the computer gadgets. Just like the preceding digital inventions, mobile phones and the internet has many pros and cons and if improperly utilized, it may bring more harm than good.

Are Mobile Phones Replacing The Television?

I think the answer to this question is yes, because almost everything that can be done using a television can be done using a mobile phone. And most especially, mobile phones are not only replacing the TV, but also many gadgets such as watches, books, newspapers and radio.

What Are The Health Effects Of Using Mobile Phones?

Despite all the pros of this device, it still has some cons which in my opinion, outnumber the pros. Something we should also realise is that the negative side effects of mobile phones will mostly come from incorrect or excessive use. If we can try to use it properly and in moderation, we can reduce the side effects.

The side effects are outlined as follows.

1. It causes eye defects.

Mobile phones usage has been linked with a number of eye defects such as nearsightedness as you always put your phones too near to your face when you operate it. This may be a serious problem as it may even lead to more,severe eye problems.

2. It reduces sleeping time.

The time you spend closing your eyes at your bed will definitely be affected if you are obsessed to your mobile phone. Most people who work for long hours during the day may not have enough time to operate their phones during the day. They will resort to using it at bedtime and this poses a serious threat to their sleeping time.
Reduced sleeping time will subsequently expose them to the scourge of many diseases such as diabetes,and insomnia.

3. Sedentary lifestyle.

Your mobile phone will probably make you lazy and forget about exercise. You tend to operate for longer hours and may not have the time to exercise. This may lead to sedentary lifestyle.
Sedentay lifestyle has a lot of side effects like heart disease, diabetes and worse, obesity.

4. Moodiness.

According to a survey, internet usage is a leading cause of moodiness. People who recently browsed are likely to see some bad news which will make them moody. This affects the the user emotionally and is unhealthy.
Also, some of the information accessed on the internet may be untrue and deliberately tailored to make people confused. This is a major effect of computer and internet usage.

5. Aggressive behavior.

This is common among kids who are given phones at an early age. They may try to copy the actions of superheros they see on their video games and online. This may make them behave aggressively to their friends and lose many friends.

6. Availability of explicit information.

This can pose a great threat to not only the healthy life of people but also in other aspects as well. There are a lot of tips meant for grown-ups but with the advent of internet, it is freely available to underage individuals.

7. Poor relationship with others.

The way we relate with others is very important to our emotional wellbeing. Poor relationships with others is vey common among people who use the internet a lot.

A major cause of poor relationship with others is comparison. People compare their lives to the lives of people they see on social media and feel sad.
Also, browsing through a travel gallery may make you green with envy and affect you emotions, making it difficult for you you to control your emotions.

How Can The Dangerous Effects Of  Mobile Phones Usage Be Reduced?

As I stated earlier, the dangerous effects of mobile phones usage are mainly caused as a result of incorrect or too much use. We can reduce their effects of mobile phones usage by using the following tips.
  • Make researches about a website you're visiting on your phone before visiting.
  • Do not use your phone for too long hours.
  • Don't let your phone take away your exercising time.
  • Connect only with people you know on the social media.
  • Verify every news before believing, as most of the bad news that make you sad are fake.
  • Don't allow yourself to be carried away into the night by your phone without sleeping, get enough sleep.
  • Don't try what you stream online or saw in a game on your friend, it may be dangerous.

Although, there is nothing that is currently being done to check the threats internet and mobile phone usage is posing, we hope you follow our tips and stay healthy.

Thanks for reeading!

Thursday, 2 May 2019

A Checklist Of Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle

Are you living healthily? Are you fit? Have you protected yourself from the scourge of many diseases? And how do you know your answers are right?

Before you can be called a healthy person, there is a list of things you should do. These are what fit and healthy people do, and if it can work out for them, why not you? has compiled a checklist of tips and activities that you have to do it all to achieve optimum health. The more items you check, the healthier you probably are. Now let's dive into our checklist.

Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle.

When talking about a healthy lifestyle, it ranges from the health of your hair, to the health of your heart. Follow the checklist as you read, and take note of the number of items you checked. Remember, the more you check, the healthier you are!

Eat well.
Food crowned my tips because food is an essential part of our lives. Nobody can live without food, but don't check yet. Eating is not enough to make you healthy, even, it may make you unhealthy.

You're surprised, yes, that is it. Eating food is not as good as earing good food. Eating good food consists of eating a balanced diet each day, and not eating too much to overstuff calories, thereby causing weight gain.
good food
Good food

A good food combo should consist of the essential nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals which means a healthy diet should generously contain fruits and leafy vegetables.

Are you sure you eat good food? Check.

Control your weight.
Hope you're not fatter than my grannie? You can't expect me to call you healthy if you're obese. Obesity can lead to tons of health issues such as diabetes, cancer, etc.

Because weight gain is primarily caused by consuming more calories than you use, the best way to lose weight is by eating selected weight-loss supported foods plus sufficient exercise.

Foods like leafy green vegetables, apples, fishes and soups will make great meals low in calories while constant exercise will burn more calories than you produce.

Do you watch and control your weight? If yes, then check.

Regular exercise.

For me, regular exercise should mean participating in a sport. You can't just jog for ten or twenty minutes a week and claimed you've exercised. But, participating in a sport even if it's three hours a week will help.

However, if you can't, rigorous exercise like running for two hours a week (which can be split into twenty minutes per day) or moderate exercise for about 3 hours every week. But I bet you, playing sports like football or basketball will be more enjoyable and you'rll wan't to do it for longer hours!

Do you exercise regularly? Check if yes.

Do not smoke.

Smoking is unarguably one of the most dangerous but addictive acts. As a matter of fact, you can't smoke and keep fit and healthy. Smoking can cause lung disease, macular degeneration and increased risk of diabetes.

Some people smoke to lose weight. But if you won't be deceived, smoking to lose weight is like removing your hair by burning it. You achieve the desired effect (barbing your hair) but it leaves you with a worse problem than you actually had.

If you would like to lose weight, there are a host of low calorie foods which you can take wihout exceeding the recommended calories per day. Want to know, read You Can Now Lose Weight While You Eat To Satisfaction. See How.

No alcohol!

Do you drink alcohol? If yes then you're not living a healthy lifestyle. Alcohol is a harmful beverage which is addictive and intoxicating. Alcohol, just like cigarettes can't be stopped suddenly.

Drinking a lot of alcohol can lead to alcohol poisoning which can lead to a number of health issues such as vomiting, slow and irregular breathing, confusion and fainting.

People who drink alcohol will experience some symptoms when they try to quit. These symptoms include;

  • Confusion.
  • Shakong vigorously until he or shegets another glass.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Hallucinations.
  • Fever.
  • Seizures.
  • Insomnia, and many others so numerous to count.
The best option is to learn about it and not drinking at all in the first place. But if you've been drinking, you can see your doctor on useful tips that can help you on yoir quest to quitting drinking.

If you don't drink, check.

Care for your body.

Body care here starts fron caring for your hair to your toes. There are numerous articles across various blogs encouraging you to take good care of your body. Taking care of your body is very important to your health, because thousands of harmful diseases can be prevented by toking care of your body, and, prevention is better than cure.

In taking care of your body, you have to care for your hair, washing it regularly to remove any microorganisms that might cause diseases. You also have to care for your skin by choosing the best lotions or cream to rub your body. We should also take care of our teeth by brushing them always.

Generally, we can take care of our body by taking our bath at least once or twice a day using enough soap and water and afterwards, rubbing a good cream on our body and combing our hair. This is called taking good care of our body.

If you take good care of your body, check.

Never ignore medical advice.

To stay healthy and fit, you must listen to what the professionals have to say. MAny advice like brush your teeth twice daily, don't share sharp objects, don't lie to doctors and don't abuse drugs are often ignored by us.

The ignorance of these tips often lead to many health issues which could have been easily prevented if we just listened a bit. Don't ignore medical advice.

If you don't ignore medical advice, check.

Limit the time you spend browsing and watching television.

Watching television won't make you so healthy. Watching too much TV and excessive use of the internet is dangerous and will take most of the time you should spend exercising and it may mean you're living a sedentary lifestyle.
Scientists agree that limiting your screen time to less than two hours daily will add one and a half years to life expectancy but the sad part of the story is that many people admit they spend more than that before their television each day.

Attend frequent medical checkup.

You think because you follow all you look healthy and fit you are having no illnesses? You're wrong. Health is the state of complete physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing and not merely the absence of diseases or infirmities.

According to the above definition, you may look and feeel healthy but psychologically or emotionally, you're not.

Going for frequent checkup will help in detecting if you're totally fit or not. There are many illnesses that develop slowly and will be easily prevented if you go for checkup and detected quickly.

If you go for frequent checkups, check.

Stay Clean.

Living in a neat environment protects you from dangerous illnesses caused by germs spread by dirt. Living in a clean environment involves frequently sweeping your rooms, washing your clothes and mosquito nets and encouging your neighbours to live clean lives.

If you live clean, check.

This is the end of our checklist . How many items could you check? And, what do you think is missing from the checklist?

Share in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

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What Is Cataracts? Causes, Prevention And Treatment

It is a norm in our society that only children usually have good eyesight. When they starts growing old, they start developing blurry vision and they always associate this with the norms of old age. But what many fail to realise is that the decline in eyesight may not be as a result of age related illnesses, sometimes, it may be an infection.

Cataracts is a common eye condition in which a progressive clouding occurs at the normally clear area of the eye, causing it to gradually go blurry and if left untreated, may lead to blindness. Cataracts is a gradual process, and your eyes don't just go opaque overnight. It may take a lot of time for cataracts to fully establish and affect eyesight, in some people, it may take up to twenty years!

According to an assessment by the World Health Organization, cataracts is the leading cause of blindness as about 51 percentage of world blindness is caused by cataracts and it remains the biggest cause of blindness that's curable. Our mission at is to prevent more cataracts related blindness by creating awareness.

What Are The Causes Of Cataracts?

There are many causes of cataracts, the most known are;

  1. Aging or injury which changes the eye tissues which makeup eye lens and make it go blurry.
  2. Inherited generic disorders which may cause other health health problems like diabetes which may increase your risk of getting cataracts.
  3. Cataracts can also be caused by previous eye conditions like nearsightedness.

You're more prone to cataracts if you're associated to these risk factors. Risk factors are what will make you likely to get a particular illness, and the following are the risk factors of cataracts.

Risk Factors Of Cataracts.

Cataracts has a nimber of risk factors which you should try to avoid. But some of these risk factors come naturally and can't be avoided, the risk factors are;
  1. Aging will fire your risks of having as studies revealed that 90 percent of people above 65 years wil have a cataract.
  2. Previous eye surgery also catapults your risk of developing cataracts.
  3. Smoking.
  4. Excessive drinking of alcohol can lead to a number of visual problems, including cataracts.
  5. Being excessively fat (obesity) will increase your risks of getting cataracts.
  6. High blood pressure.
  7. Excessive exposure to sun.
  8. Diabetes patients also suffer a high risk of getting cataracts.

When you have cataracts, you will begin to notice some symptoms. Most cataracts patients seem to ignore these symptoms, thereby causing the condition to grow. The question is, what are the symptoms of cataracts?

How Do I Know If I Have Cataracts?

Cataracts has many signs and symptoms, both early and late. If you could take advantage of these signs and symptoms and start treating it early, you may never need surgery for very long time.
The symptoms of cataracts are as follows.
  1. Blurry or clouded vision.
  2. Need for brighter light to do activities you would normally do without so much light.
  3. Seeing doubles.
  4. Sensitivity to light which will always want to make you close your eyes once your eyes are exposed to bright light.
  5. Seeing halos around lights.
  6. Difficulty seeing at night.
  7. When it gets more severe, it could get to a stage where you can't properly see the expression on a friend's face.
  8. Sudden eye pain coupled with headaches and vision changes.
Once you notice any of these symptoms, it will be a good idea to quickly visit your oophtalmologist. This would help you keep your eye healthy and stall the condition from further development.

What Are The Types Of Cataracts?

I hope you're not thinking cataracts is not classified. If you think so then this will inform you that there are four known types of cataracts. They are...
  1. Nuclear cataracts:  This is the type of cataracts that affects the center of the eyes. It may start as nearsightedness, and gradually cloud the eyesight progressively.
  2. Cortical cataracts: This type of cataracts affects at the edges of the lens. It usually starts as white streams at the outer edge of the cortex (hence cortical cataracts). Gradually, it moves centre and clouds the eyes, blurring eyesight.
  3. Posterior subscapular cataracts: When a small  area forms near the back of the lens, it results in subscapular cataracts. It progresses faster than the other types of cataracts.
  4. Congenital cataracts: Catarcts which is developed when you are very young or even before you were born. These type of cataract don't always affect vision, but should be quickly removed if they do.

How Do I Slow Down The Progress Of Cataracts?

Once you've been diagnosed of cataracts but it has not gotten to a stage where you'll need surgery, there are some key tips for the prevention of cataracts progression you need to know. Here are the tips.

  • Change to an eye friendly diet. It's simple, just eat healthy. Any good food for the body is good for the eyes.
  • Before using any medication, ask if it affects people with cataracts because there are some very rare medications which are bad for cataracts patients.
  • Visit your ophtalmologist (eye doctor) frequently to know about the progress of the issue and see if it needs surgery.
  • Protect your eyes from the sun by wearing glasses or hats on a sunny day.
  • Stop smoking because it contains a harmful chemical, cadmium, which makes cataracts worse.

Cataracts treatment.

Once cataracts starts developing, one should make efforts to slow it down because once it reaches a stage where it significantly affects eyesight, it can't be reversed.

But once this stage is reached, there is a solution and the only solution is surgery. Yes, 'cataracts surgery.' Cataracts surgery is however safe and you have nothing to fear as 98% of all cataracts surgery are successful and 90% get better vision afterwards.

Cataracts surgery is usually done by removing the lens inside the eyes and replaced with an artificial lens, or intraocular lens (IOL) to restore clear vision.

Cataracts surgery should only be resulted to when the comdition has advanced to a severe stage.

Wishing you good luck in your quest for a better health, Stay healthie.

Signing out...