A Checklist Of Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle

Are you living healthily? Are you fit? Have you protected yourself from the scourge of many diseases? And how do you know your answers are right?

Before you can be called a healthy person, there is a list of things you should do. These are what fit and healthy people do, and if it can work out for them, why not you?

Healthie.com.ng has compiled a checklist of tips and activities that you have to do it all to achieve optimum health. The more items you check, the healthier you probably are. Now let's dive into our checklist.

Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle.

When talking about a healthy lifestyle, it ranges from the health of your hair, to the health of your heart. Follow the checklist as you read, and take note of the number of items you checked. Remember, the more you check, the healthier you are!

Eat well.
Food crowned my tips because food is an essential part of our lives. Nobody can live without food, but don't check yet. Eating is not enough to make you healthy, even, it may make you unhealthy.

You're surprised, yes, that is it. Eating food is not as good as earing good food. Eating good food consists of eating a balanced diet each day, and not eating too much to overstuff calories, thereby causing weight gain.
good food
Good food

A good food combo should consist of the essential nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals which means a healthy diet should generously contain fruits and leafy vegetables.

Are you sure you eat good food? Check.

Control your weight.
Hope you're not fatter than my grannie? You can't expect me to call you healthy if you're obese. Obesity can lead to tons of health issues such as diabetes, cancer, etc.

Because weight gain is primarily caused by consuming more calories than you use, the best way to lose weight is by eating selected weight-loss supported foods plus sufficient exercise.

Foods like leafy green vegetables, apples, fishes and soups will make great meals low in calories while constant exercise will burn more calories than you produce.

Do you watch and control your weight? If yes, then check.

Regular exercise.

For me, regular exercise should mean participating in a sport. You can't just jog for ten or twenty minutes a week and claimed you've exercised. But, participating in a sport even if it's three hours a week will help.

However, if you can't, rigorous exercise like running for two hours a week (which can be split into twenty minutes per day) or moderate exercise for about 3 hours every week. But I bet you, playing sports like football or basketball will be more enjoyable and you'rll wan't to do it for longer hours!

Do you exercise regularly? Check if yes.

Do not smoke.

Smoking is unarguably one of the most dangerous but addictive acts. As a matter of fact, you can't smoke and keep fit and healthy. Smoking can cause lung disease, macular degeneration and increased risk of diabetes.

Some people smoke to lose weight. But if you won't be deceived, smoking to lose weight is like removing your hair by burning it. You achieve the desired effect (barbing your hair) but it leaves you with a worse problem than you actually had.

If you would like to lose weight, there are a host of low calorie foods which you can take wihout exceeding the recommended calories per day. Want to know, read You Can Now Lose Weight While You Eat To Satisfaction. See How.

No alcohol!

Do you drink alcohol? If yes then you're not living a healthy lifestyle. Alcohol is a harmful beverage which is addictive and intoxicating. Alcohol, just like cigarettes can't be stopped suddenly.

Drinking a lot of alcohol can lead to alcohol poisoning which can lead to a number of health issues such as vomiting, slow and irregular breathing, confusion and fainting.

People who drink alcohol will experience some symptoms when they try to quit. These symptoms include;

  • Confusion.
  • Shakong vigorously until he or shegets another glass.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Hallucinations.
  • Fever.
  • Seizures.
  • Insomnia, and many others so numerous to count.
The best option is to learn about it and not drinking at all in the first place. But if you've been drinking, you can see your doctor on useful tips that can help you on yoir quest to quitting drinking.

If you don't drink, check.

Care for your body.

Body care here starts fron caring for your hair to your toes. There are numerous articles across various blogs encouraging you to take good care of your body. Taking care of your body is very important to your health, because thousands of harmful diseases can be prevented by toking care of your body, and, prevention is better than cure.

In taking care of your body, you have to care for your hair, washing it regularly to remove any microorganisms that might cause diseases. You also have to care for your skin by choosing the best lotions or cream to rub your body. We should also take care of our teeth by brushing them always.

Generally, we can take care of our body by taking our bath at least once or twice a day using enough soap and water and afterwards, rubbing a good cream on our body and combing our hair. This is called taking good care of our body.

If you take good care of your body, check.

Never ignore medical advice.

To stay healthy and fit, you must listen to what the professionals have to say. MAny advice like brush your teeth twice daily, don't share sharp objects, don't lie to doctors and don't abuse drugs are often ignored by us.

The ignorance of these tips often lead to many health issues which could have been easily prevented if we just listened a bit. Don't ignore medical advice.

If you don't ignore medical advice, check.

Limit the time you spend browsing and watching television.

Watching television won't make you so healthy. Watching too much TV and excessive use of the internet is dangerous and will take most of the time you should spend exercising and it may mean you're living a sedentary lifestyle.
Scientists agree that limiting your screen time to less than two hours daily will add one and a half years to life expectancy but the sad part of the story is that many people admit they spend more than that before their television each day.

Attend frequent medical checkup.

You think because you follow all you look healthy and fit you are having no illnesses? You're wrong. Health is the state of complete physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing and not merely the absence of diseases or infirmities.

According to the above definition, you may look and feeel healthy but psychologically or emotionally, you're not.

Going for frequent checkup will help in detecting if you're totally fit or not. There are many illnesses that develop slowly and will be easily prevented if you go for checkup and detected quickly.

If you go for frequent checkups, check.

Stay Clean.

Living in a neat environment protects you from dangerous illnesses caused by germs spread by dirt. Living in a clean environment involves frequently sweeping your rooms, washing your clothes and mosquito nets and encouging your neighbours to live clean lives.

If you live clean, check.

This is the end of our checklist . How many items could you check? And, what do you think is missing from the checklist?

Share in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

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