Dangers Of The Use Of Mobile Phones And Internet You Might Not Know About

These days, the internet has gained more popularity as the powerhouse of information sharing than ever before. Recently, people tend to dump their television for their mobile phones,and with online streaming apps and websites, mobile phones has proven to us that it can perform the job of the television, even better.

However, as people tend to use these devices, they seem to be ignorant about the health complications of the computer gadgets. Just like the preceding digital inventions, mobile phones and the internet has many pros and cons and if improperly utilized, it may bring more harm than good.

Are Mobile Phones Replacing The Television?

I think the answer to this question is yes, because almost everything that can be done using a television can be done using a mobile phone. And most especially, mobile phones are not only replacing the TV, but also many gadgets such as watches, books, newspapers and radio.

What Are The Health Effects Of Using Mobile Phones?

Despite all the pros of this device, it still has some cons which in my opinion, outnumber the pros. Something we should also realise is that the negative side effects of mobile phones will mostly come from incorrect or excessive use. If we can try to use it properly and in moderation, we can reduce the side effects.

The side effects are outlined as follows.

1. It causes eye defects.

Mobile phones usage has been linked with a number of eye defects such as nearsightedness as you always put your phones too near to your face when you operate it. This may be a serious problem as it may even lead to more,severe eye problems.

2. It reduces sleeping time.

The time you spend closing your eyes at your bed will definitely be affected if you are obsessed to your mobile phone. Most people who work for long hours during the day may not have enough time to operate their phones during the day. They will resort to using it at bedtime and this poses a serious threat to their sleeping time.
Reduced sleeping time will subsequently expose them to the scourge of many diseases such as diabetes,and insomnia.

3. Sedentary lifestyle.

Your mobile phone will probably make you lazy and forget about exercise. You tend to operate for longer hours and may not have the time to exercise. This may lead to sedentary lifestyle.
Sedentay lifestyle has a lot of side effects like heart disease, diabetes and worse, obesity.

4. Moodiness.

According to a survey, internet usage is a leading cause of moodiness. People who recently browsed are likely to see some bad news which will make them moody. This affects the the user emotionally and is unhealthy.
Also, some of the information accessed on the internet may be untrue and deliberately tailored to make people confused. This is a major effect of computer and internet usage.

5. Aggressive behavior.

This is common among kids who are given phones at an early age. They may try to copy the actions of superheros they see on their video games and online. This may make them behave aggressively to their friends and lose many friends.

6. Availability of explicit information.

This can pose a great threat to not only the healthy life of people but also in other aspects as well. There are a lot of tips meant for grown-ups but with the advent of internet, it is freely available to underage individuals.

7. Poor relationship with others.

The way we relate with others is very important to our emotional wellbeing. Poor relationships with others is vey common among people who use the internet a lot.

A major cause of poor relationship with others is comparison. People compare their lives to the lives of people they see on social media and feel sad.
Also, browsing through a travel gallery may make you green with envy and affect you emotions, making it difficult for you you to control your emotions.

How Can The Dangerous Effects Of  Mobile Phones Usage Be Reduced?

As I stated earlier, the dangerous effects of mobile phones usage are mainly caused as a result of incorrect or too much use. We can reduce their effects of mobile phones usage by using the following tips.
  • Make researches about a website you're visiting on your phone before visiting.
  • Do not use your phone for too long hours.
  • Don't let your phone take away your exercising time.
  • Connect only with people you know on the social media.
  • Verify every news before believing, as most of the bad news that make you sad are fake.
  • Don't allow yourself to be carried away into the night by your phone without sleeping, get enough sleep.
  • Don't try what you stream online or saw in a game on your friend, it may be dangerous.

Although, there is nothing that is currently being done to check the threats internet and mobile phone usage is posing, we hope you follow our tips and stay healthy.

Thanks for reeading!

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