Unhealthy Foods You Seem To Love

We take lot of foods sometimes, thinking it is very healthy for us. But, ignorantly, we fail to discover we're doing ourselves more harm than good.

This article is to create awareness about some foods we seem to enjoy and we don't worry about, but in actual life, it remains unhealthy.

Below is a comprehensive list of the many foods we relish but is slowly killing or damaging us.

What Are The Unhealthy Foods You Love.

1. Margarine.

Margarine is a fatty product that's contains polyunsaturated fats (PUF). Sounds simple? But actually not. Margarine is very related to many diseases such as heart disease, obesity, etc.

Also contained in margarine are some man-made fats known as Trans Fats. Trans Fats are dangerous fats formed during the process of hydrogenation. These manufactured fats are highly dangerous and are highly linked to many cardiovascular diseases.

A look back at the origin of margarine clearly shows it was not invented for healthy purposes. According to Wikipedia, margarine was created by Hippolyte Mega-Mouries in response to a challenge by Napoleon III to create a cheaper butter substitute from beef tallow for armed forces or lower classes.

Over the years, scientists discovered more innovations like hydrogenation and the margarine was made more sophisticated, and sadly enough, more unhealthy.

Furthermore, a study at the Annals Of Internal Medicine published a finding that margarine is related to heart disease and butter is not half as dangerous.

The message is simple; If you love your money, go for margarine. If you love your health, go for butter!

2. White breads.

There is no need to start defining whitebread. It is just a stuff loved by many that can easily cause a lot of problems in the body.

White bread is a highly processed bread commonly made of wheat flour and provides carbohydrates to the body.

However, the carbohydrates provided by white bread are usually digested quickly without providing much nutrients to the body, like most refined and highly processed carbohydrates.

White breads are deeply associated with obesity and many other dangerous diseases.

The body is also endangered by white bread because it only provides unhealthy carbohydrates without really giving us any good nutrient in return.

White breads also contains excess calories and what is the use of eating something giving us too many calories without any nutrients.

I strongly advise against white breads.

3. Sugary drinks.

Everybody loves everything sweet. That's a fact. But most sweet things are dangerous. That's a fact too!

According to Boston Public Health Commission, sugar beverages (drinks high in sugar) may have many be associated with many ills such as.

  • It can increase the risk of gaining weight, diabetes qnd gout.
  • It is significantly associated with weight gain and obesity.
  • People who consume sugar beverages daily have more than twice the risk of getting diabetes than people who doesn't.
Other effects of consuming sugary drinks may include dental issues. People who drink a lot of sugary drinks are more associated with tooth decay then people who don't drink as much as that.

Also, what I may want you to realize is that drinking sugar is worse than eating it. That is, sugar beverages are even worse than the sugar itself!

4. Cakes and donuts.

Common pary treats? Yes.
Good for the body? No!
Though, cakes are not generally classed as unhealthy, but they consist of some ingredients which are classified as unhealthy.

Just like whitebread, cakes may have excess sugar and flour which are unarguably dangerous for the body.

Some studies and finding agreed that if cake is only enjoyed on an occasional basis and not as a day to day snack, it may not be unhealthy.

Donuts however, contains high amounts of sugar, flour and added fats and may be very unhealthy.

Donuts can also be extremely high in caloriesas an average donut contains up to 300 calories. This can be very fattening and may lead to obesity.

Donuts are also linked with high blood sugar levels and according to healthline, when you wake with a high sugar level and eating donuts may further elevate them.

If so, then why donuts?

5. Sweets and chocolates.

Chocolates are long known to be connected to many health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease.

But chocolates are sometimes said to have minimal advantages as dark chocolate helps with vascular problems. But due to the amount of milk and sugar, eating a lot of chocolate to help manage vascular problems may end up causing more harm than good.

Sweets, on the other hand are simply unhealthy because they contain lots of sugar and other non-beneficial nutrients.

As almost all sweets has a high sugar content, the effects of eating sweets are identical to the,effects of eating sugar. These effects may include high risk of diabetes, tooth decay and reduced HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol).

That is the end of this article. Thanks for reading!

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