Weird Illnesses That Would Leave Your Mouth Agape

Imagine you waking one morning and you discovered you couldn't drink water.
How will you feel? Surprised?
I know you may be seeing this as an instance but it actually exists. In this article, we will be looking at some unbelievable illnesses that will make you be like wow! So this exists.
As we're not having much time, we should quickly get going.

 Rare Illnesses That Will Surprise You.

As I revealed earlier,  there is an illness where you fear water, it will be the first infection I'm gonna shed some light on. It is called the water allergy.

 Water Allergy.


 I don't have to tell you it's rare because only thirty (30) people have been identified to have ever contacted the illness, or how many people do you know with water allergy? It's existence was confirmed.
Water allergy, also known as aquagenic urticaria is a condition where sufferers appear to have hypersensitive reactions to water. It is not really an allergy but an hypersensitivity. It occurs due toa hormonal imbalance brought about during birth.

A sufferer as gathered from CNN could not shower for more than ten seconds and could only drink diet coke due to her infection.

Foreign Accent Syndrome

I laughed a lot when I saw this, and I imagined my bro speaking in an Arabic accent to me one day. Foreign accent syndrome is a condition where people who suffer from it find themselves speaking in an unknown dialect.
It is not necessarily they speak in a recognized dialect, but it is important to note that the accent will change drastically and on most occasions, it has a significant resemblance to another accent in the world. This case like water allergy is extremely rare as not more than 60 cases had been found worldwide.
The first case of foreign accent syndrome is a woman from Norway. She developed a strong German accent suddenly and was ostracized from her community.

Fish Odour Syndrome

This is a disgusting and shameful condition where the body emits offensive odour similar to that of fish. This syndrome, also known as Trimethylaminuria happens when the body is unable to break down an organic compound trimethylamine (hence Trimethylaminuria) which brings about a fishy smell.
According to researchers, people with this condition lack self esteem and are usually too shy to make friends or mix with peers. This is as a result of the shameful syndrome. In a review published in the journal of clinical anaesthetic dermatology in 2013, the authors wrote;
 patients with fish odor syndrome are often ridiculed and suffer from low self esteem withdrawing from their peers, they become lonely, which may negatively impact academic performance.
So, it is important for the psychological life of people sufering from this syndrome to treat them with care and love.

Auto Brewery Syndrome

Imagine yourself as a parent, and your son came home one day, behaving drunkenly. You asked him if he drank alcohok and he swore he didn't, will you believe?
 But nay, here comes Auto Brewery syndrome. It is a condition where the body automatically produces alcohol. It is a very rare condition which happen when the body produces ethanol after eating carbohydrates rich food. It is actually caused by a type of yeast in the gut known as Saccharomyces cerevisiae. However, this does not less to both levels of blood alcohol on normal cases bit in extreme cases, a sufferer may get intoxicated.
A scientist revealed that a person with auto brewery syndrome could not be held for drunk driving charges, but on severe cases, he will not even be able to find his car key!


Progeria is a congenital defect (meaning it involves defect or damage to a fetus) tgat is characterized by bulging eyes, small face and underdeveloped jaws as a result of growth delays. It closely resembles premature ageing but it is fatal, sufferers usually dieat an average age of thirteen. The United States National Organization of Rare Disorders said in a report that kids suffering from progeria lose the layers of fat beneath the skin and elasticity is lost in artery, usually leading to death either via heart attack or stroke.


Morgellons, also a rare disease but with more sufferers than water allergy or foreign accent syndrome. With up to 14,000 people suffering from its various symptoms like appearance of strange blue, black or red fibers from the skin.
Also crawling, biting and stinging sensations occur. Afterwards, exhaustion, memory loss, joint pain and changes in vision also emerge. However, there is not much evidence about the existence of this disease as doctors associate it with other illnesses. There is further debate about existence of morgellons.

We have come to the end of our article today. As we guessed, which of thesefoods left your mouth agape?
We'll like to know in the comments.
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