Health Dangers Of Internet Use

We are in the computer age and the use of mobile phones and computers is becoming increasingly popular every minute.

Infact, a 2009 survey confirmed that the 74 percent of the United States Adults were using the internet. It should also be noted that the number is increasing by the second. This would be a whooping amount of people using the internet if it were properly calculated.

Good Reasons Why People Use The Internet.

People use the internet for a great many things, and your purpose of using the internet determines whether it is advantageous to you or not.

Among the many reasons why people use the internet, I was able to outline a few.
 1. The world wide web may be referred to the largest library where you have access to almost all the books, free of charge. Of course, you are reading this for free, and you can even save it as an ebook to share this information with friends, so you have access to this free of charge. And likewise is a great most of the internet.
 2. Communication with friends and families had never been easier before the advent of the world wide web. Nowadays, taking the advantage of facebook and other instant chatting networks, you can easily connect with your friends at the touch of a button. Imagine the good old days when there was no facebook whatsapp or email. If you were to send a message to someone in China from Senegal, you have to write a letter. Also, if you didn't care to mark it urgent, your letter mey never get to its destination, or get there years after, - remembering a story of a man who wrote a letter to his parents and had to collect the letter himself when he returned.
 3. E-commerce is available on the internet, which means you can buy and sell things online on the internet. Sounds great? Best part of it is that you don't have to go to the online store physical warehouse to pick your order, you can have it delivered to your bedroom.
 4. Learning through various means is available through the world wide web. There are millions of videos, ebooks, audio files, softwares, etc. to learn just any thing. For example, we had an awful English teacher at school so when I get home, I have to do thirty extra minutes of English studies, online.
 5. You can start building an online presence for yourself or your business through the internet. Creating a website of yours or simply getting a handle on twitter or facebook where you could easily reach out to customers. Building your business through the internet is a very important step to take these days, as a lot of people are increasingly using the internet by the second. I think you might have heard of the story of a boy who skyrocketed his dad's donut business by writing a single line of tweet. After gathering thousands of retweets, the donut stall became a donut company.
 6. You can now also transfer cash to people on the internet. With the advent of services like payoneer, paypal, etc. It is possible to send money to someone, even countries away. Sounds nice?
 7. So you have no cash to receive or send over the internet, no worries man. You can actually get to earn on the internet. Yes! You can earn a whole lot of cash online doing online things. This has brought a lot of fame and riches to millions, for more information ask Jeff Bezus and Mark Zuckerberg.

These are just a few among the uses of the internet, there are also thousands others too numerous to mention here. However, if you are looking for a comprehensive list, Google is your friend. Before you get carried away, be kindly informed that internet misuse comes with it's whole lot of disadvantages and it's disadvantages may be worse and overthrow all the importance of internet. Before we go to see it's harmful repercussions, it will be good to know firsthand what's internet misuse.

Internet Abuse Or Misuse.

Internet misuse happens when the internet is not used for any of theproductive means it was meant for, or the act of using it in excess.

Internet misuse examples may include wasting of valuable time on chatroom sites, getting addicted to the internet, and using the internet for silly things, such as scamming, exploitation or pornography. All of these actions devalue the internet and make it as nonsensical as ever, no thanks to perpetrators. These actions cause a lot more harm than good and make the internet a tiring place to be.

Were you asked to write a dangers of internet use essay? Smile because in this short article, we're going to treat some ways of internet abuse and some tips on how to stay safe.

Dangers Of Internet Use.

 1.  False Information.

There are up to a billion people actuve on the internet and over 50% percent of this number are searching for medically related information.

These impressive number of people search to get useful information about what they are searching for, but, it's so poor that finding a true reliable source of information on the internet is rare. It is so painful that most of these people get the fake information and therefore are certainly misled by these erroneous spreaders of these poor information.

Also, using the internet to get health related information is related with small but reliable increases in depression. Why is this? Most of the news and information gotten from the internet are not rich to the mind.

Take this as an example.
A person with, say, cancer, navigates to Google and types in cancer. From this, he begins to discover true but scary facts about the illness. He becomes depressed truly.

Though, some of the information about cancer which is scary to him may not be true or may not apply to his type of cancer, he can't stop paying attention to these newly discovered facts.

However, some people may be chanced to get great information from the internet that could even cure the illness you were searching for its cure. Just make sure you contact a medical expert in case you get confused.

 2. Anxiety, Unnecessary Alarm Or Depression.

Some people, like I do are sometimes frightened by information from the internet. This may lead to unnecessary alarm or nervousness to many people.

Some people erroneously share false information to purposely frighten or cause confusion or other problems between people on the internet. Some just do this for reactions, imagine someone posting an article degrading other religions on Facebook just to get likes and shares.

Also, some hate reading or listening to sad news (like me). For example, I felt anxious and nervous when the Ebola virus was declared present in the universe. But once it was declared present in Nigeria, I almost ran out of my skin. This affected me a lot and at last I wasn't chanced to ever see a person with Ebola. Some would even be hospitalized for over-attention to what may not even get to their state.

However, if you use instant messaging applications to message your friends or families, it may have slightly good impacts on your psychological wellbeing.

 3. Health Problems.

Did you know?
Teens who spent more than two hours daily on the world wide web are at a more higher risk of high blood pressure than low internet users, a study revealed.

Frequent usage of the world wide web has been linked to addiction, anxiety and social isolation. People who use the internet frequently tend to dump their social life and spend all their time before a computer, thereby getting addicted to it. This can lead to anxiety and poor relationship with others all these are linked with high blood pressure.

A study conducted by scientists in 2015 as reported by proved that excessive internet use is linked to high blood pressure. This study had 331 adolescents, about the ages of fourteen to seventeen participating. Their blood pressure, height, weight and body mass index (BMI) were taken. They were also asked questions about how much time they spent on the internet.

They were divided into three groups based on the average amount of time they spend on the internet, with people who used more than two hours six to seven days a week were the heavy users. The moderate users used less than two hours five to six days a week while the light users used less than two hours, two to three days a week.

The result of the study showed that 19% of the teens who used two or more hours, seven days a week (heavy users) had high blood pressure compared to the light users who used less than two hours in three to four days a week. Only 7% of this group had high blood pressure.

The result of this study clearly reveals that your internet usage is linked to high blood pressure.

So it is advised that you use the internet in moderation.

 4. Cyberbullying And Exploitation.

Cyberbullying is a dangerous online act which may involve sending hateful messages, or even death threats to people. Cyberbullying involves spreading foul comments on someone's social media profiles or spreading lies about them online.

Cyberbullying is worse than physical bullying because here, teachers can't intervene, and sometimes even, parents can't. Cyberbullies don't see your emotions: freaking, angry, crying, mad? No they can't, and this makes it easy for them to continue.

Cyberbullies may sometimes disguise as victims, especially if they have access to your social media accounts. They may create a degrading chat, and share it for others to see, and people lose trust in you

Exploitation similarly, may be sexual, educational or financial. They may approach as friends and demand to know more about you. When they get all necessary information they need, they'll visit you and demand what they want from you, money, sex, or even people near you like classmates may come as bullies and demand that you help them during examinations.
This can have a lot of impact on the social and mental wellbeing of the victim.

 5. Inactivity!

Inactivity or sedentary lifestyle is one of the worst effects of this particular thing. You cannot possibly be operating your computers while standing.

This causes a lot of problems as sitting is linked with many ills such as fat accumulation in the body or even, some scientists claim excessive sitting cuts a significant part of your lifespan.

So, I think you better drop that phone and go for some exercise.

 6. Pornography.

I'm sure you're all expecting to see this. Pornography is by far one of the most dangerous effects of the internet that existed.

Pornography leads to unhealthy sex life and it is very difficult for parents to know if their children do watch pornography.

Some parents think what should be their main concern is to get their kids not to visit the sites, but they fail to realize that their kids had been probably introduced to porn and they might search for it too.

To make sure kids and adults do not engage in the use of internet for pornography, some measures can be taken, and these measures may include installation of internet filtering software on every computer that can be used to access the internet at the home.

But sometimes, these internet filtering softwares may filter real family websites as unsafe and leave some pornography pages.

If you're trying to monitor your child, it will require using a software that can monitor search history, records, chats and conversations on computers they can access. This way, you can actually know if they visit any of these sites or get these from chats.

Now you know some of the popular effects of internet overuse. Now the next thing we're going to talk about is how dangers of internet use to kids and adults alike can be minimized.

There are some little tips I know that can help the world in seeing that the dangers of internet use can be minimized.

How The Dangers Of Internet Use Can Be Minimized.

 1. Do not rely totally on information gotten from the world wide web. There are people ready to write anything to see their website has visitors and you could unluckily fall into one of those websites. For the most accurate medical information, see your doctor.
 2. Moderate your use of the internet because you already know using more than two hours on the internet per day can be dangerous for you.
 3. Install porn filters on every computer that can access the internet around you. These help in making sure that you are not lured into visiting the porn sites.
 4. Try exercising more than you use the internet. Also, when at work, do regular stretches to avoid sitting at a desk all day.
 5. Monitor your kids use of their phones and computers by setting a time limit and frequently checking websites they visit.

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