Africans Panic After What may Seem the Continent's First Coronaviris Case

An Ivory Coast woman has been experiencing flu-like symptoms after returning from a trip to China.
Taking medication

The woman, who has been to Beijing, China on educational causes was reportedly coughing, sneezing and experiencing breathing difficulties before boarding the plane back to Abidjan, the country's capital. These symptoms are heavily linked to the novel coronavirus.
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While it is uncertain if the unidentified 34-year-old student visited Wuhan before leaving China. Nevertheless, she had been isolated to prevent further spread of the disease while awaiting the test result.

According to China's National Health Minister Ma Xiaowei, many facts are still unknown about the spread of the virus, making risks unclear.

Unlike, other dangerous diseases, coronavirus may be spread during its incubation period. The incubation period ranges from one to 14 days. It has been confirmed by health officials that the virus is communicable among humans.

The Chinese Health Minister also hinted that  China is taking crucial steps to stall the spread of the virus, especially when its spreading ability is getting stronger.

The Ivory Coast Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene, while speaking on the student's case described her general case as "satisfactory". They, however, hinted the possibility of the student having pneumonia linked to the coronavirus.

Several countries around the world, prominently Nigeria has enforced more rigorous medical checks at airports to avoid the spread of the virus. The Chinese Health Minister's idea that it spreads in its incubation period is a thing to worry about, as that would make it spread faster than thought.

Coronavirus originated in the Wuhan seafood market in China has since spread, and become a major health challenge for the world. With no less than 81 fatalities and a thousand confirmed cases, the virus would continue an unhindered spread, until drastic steps are taken.

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