Flu Kills Two as Infections Ravage the World

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Another sad flu-related death in recent weeks happened to a teen in Texas who died after coming in contact with flu, her family claims.

The girl, identified as Teresa Reese's Termulo who was a student at Bishop Lynch High School in East Dallas died last week. Her father, a pediatrician described the death as a swift event, at a Sunday service.

While he spoke at a Saturday service, he remarked: "I tell them about how dangerous it could be, that you could die from it, but yet, it’s just a shock that it happened to my daughter, and it happened so fast."
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However, the Dallas County of Health and Human Services are yet to confirm the relation of the girl's death to influenza or if she had received the flu vaccination, as claimed by her father.

Comments passed on the girl showed she was a girl of diligence and a warm spirit. Chirs Rebuck, the president of her college described her as a diligent and hard-working student with a warm spirit.

He further pointed out that the girl was a member of the school's dance group and was to vie for a leadership role in the dance team in the next year.

It should be noted this event came after the death of 11-year-old Luca Calanni who also died from flu-related complications.

His mother claimed he had received the flu vaccination but fell to the illness and was hospitalized. He was diagnosed with a septic shock which later developed to cardiac arrest which eventually succeeded in claiming the life of the poor boy.

The boy who attended Frontier Pinehurst Elementary School was a supporter of young Buffalo Bills fan and was regarded as a sports expert.

While lamenting over the death of the young boy, his mother said she doesn't want her son to be remembered just as another flu-related death statistic, but should be remembered for the wonderful boy he was.

Flu (influenza) is a deadly and very common viral infection that's easily spread.

It spreads by airborne droplets, physical contact with a contaminated surface, saliva and skin-to-skin contact.

Its symptoms are usually self-noticeable and may include fever, runny nose, headaches, fatigue, and cough.

Once influenza is detected, the victim should be immediately referred to a medical professional.

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