Report Claim Parasitic Worm Enlarged Man's Testicles

Holding testicles

An Indian man visited a hospital after noticing that his testicles were growing larger and harder.

Suspecting urinary tract infections, it was discovered that the man was suffering from a rare reaction in one of his testicles, reportedly caused by parasitic worms.

The unidentified 80-year-old's infection was described by LiveScience as Lymphatic filariasis. This causes filled sac of some fluid, otherwise known as hydrocele form around his testicle and calcify, LiveScience explained.
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A hydrocele is usually formed in response to an injury or infection, but this case was reportedly caused by parasitic worms.

This can be caused by the bite of an infected mosquito carrying the parasitic worms. These worms develop into adult worms inside the Lymphatic vessels which results in severe enlargement, damage, and hardening, a report on the man's condition read, as published in the BMJ case reports.

The modes of treatment to be used on this man was not stated in the report. However, the man may be possibly placed on anti-filarial drugs or even a full surgery to treat the rare infection.

The preparers of the report were quick to note that while the presence of the work, filariasis is endemic in India, getting calcifications and enlargement and calcifications in the genitals were absolutely uncommon, with the first and last reported case dating as far back as 1935.

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