Scientists Create Coronavirus Copy, Tagged Significant Breakthrough

In a recent activity labeled a "significant breakthrough", scientists have successfully created a copy of the dreaded Coronavirus in a laboratory.

The Australian scientists confirmed the occurrence of the incident on Tuesday, and interestingly, it happened outside China.

The scientists, identified as researchers from Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity in Melbourne hope to share the discovery with the World Health Organization (WHO) with the vision that efforts to diagnose and treat the virus could be improved. According to the head of Doherty Institute's Virus Identification Laboratory, Dr. Julian Druce, the specimen could be used as a control material for testing, and he also described it as a "game-changer."
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A sample of the coronavirus was sent to the scientists from an infected patient, which guided the growth of the scientist's copy, the Telegraph reported.

According to BBC, having a copy of the virus is important for early diagnosis, as the virus is communicable without any visible symptoms. This will help in preventing the spread of the virus, before detection. Researchers also made it known that an action like this had been anticipated for years.

While speaking to the BBC, Dr. Mike Catton, a worker at the institute said: "An antibody test will enable us to retrospectively test suspected patients so we can gather a more accurate picture of how widespread the virus is, and consequently, among other things, the true mortality rate. It will also assist in the assessment of [the] effectiveness of trial vaccines."

As part of activities to curb the epidemic, China has cut off access to Wuhan, China, the source of the virus, and also many other cities, while other countries plan the evacuation of their citizens.

While still on a worldwide rampage, coronavirus has killed 132 and sickened nearly 6000. In China precisely, 5,974 cases are confirmed, and the number rises significantly each passing day.

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