Teenager Faces Momentary Paralysis Due to Rare Disorder

Paralyzed on wheelchair

A 17-year-old British teen suffers from a rare disorder that causes an abrupt loss of muscle tone and makes her temporarily paralyzed for a few minutes.

The British teenager, Billie Hodgson reported that she was diagnosed with cataplexy, a disorder of the nervous system linked to narcolepsy.

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While speaking to New York Post, Billie revealed that the symptoms were first noticed when she was 14, when she fell to her knees while laughing with a friend.

Cataplexy is a rare disorder that causes an abrupt and uncontrollable loss of muscle control, or paralysis. It is usually triggered by strong emotion, such as laughing, anger excitement or stress, the National Sleep Foundation says.

When cataplexy strikes, the victim's muscle tone becomes uncontrollable and may lead to a slack jaw, broken speech and weakness in the limbs. The victim will be fully aware of the situation and but will be unable to move. Cataplexy sessions usually last for minutes.

Billie disclosed that the condition has restricted her from being involved in funny situations, especially before those it may be strange to.

The disorder has greatly impacted Billie's social life. It would prevent her from driving and her hopes of becoming a midwife head to go down the drain, as she informed reporters of the difficulties she has controlling her hand movements, as a result of cataplexy. However, she has vowed to "make light of the situation".

Medical News Today has confirmed there is no cure for the disorder, but with "good sleep hygiene practices and the use of necessary medications", it can be managed.

When asked, Billie explained: "It's hard to explain how it feels when I collapse. It's like you have no control over your body."

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