Mysterious Virus Claims First Victim as Fear Engulfs Countries


The emergence of a new virus claimed the life of a patient at a hospital in Wuhan, China, the Chinese local health commission reveals.

Experts analyzing the virus believe that it could be triggered by a new type of Coronavirus, Chinese State Broadcaster, CCTV reports.

The virus was found to be present in 41 people, with seven in serious condition, while two patients had been discharged from the hospital.

Fever, lung lesions and breathing difficulties are part of the symptoms of the dreadful disease. Cases of the virus had been reported in Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, and the Philippines.

However, the foreign government had already been taking drastic steps to prevent the introduction of the virus into their country by setting up quarantine zones for scanning citizens of China for the disease before admission.

Also, it has been discovered by the World Health Organization that a vast majority of the sufferers are marketers and visitors to a particular market in Wuhan, China. Fish and Wild animals are commonly traded in the market.

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The first victim died on Saturday, and since then, the matter has been kept under control.

The emergence of the virus may be a hindrance for hundreds of millions of Chinese citizens planning to travel for the new year holidays later in the month, a source reports.

The ability of the virus to be transmitted from one person to another has not been ascertained. The World Health Organization, however, made it known that of the 700 people that came in contact with the patients, none had been diagnosed with the disease.

Coronaviruses commonly infect both animals and human beings and may have effects ranging from mild illnesses to serious diseases. For this, it is very possible that the virus was transmitted from the animals to humans, and now posing another threat to world health.

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