Iran Releases 54,000 Prisoners to Prevent Further Coronavirus Spread

The atmosphere spelled temporary freedom for Iranian prisoners as not less than 54,000 prisoners were recently released in a bid to prevent the spread of the coronavirus outbreak amongst the prisoners. This step was taken after the overcrowded prisons were identified as one of the main agents of spreading the deadly virus in the country.

This giant step proved imperative as when the Iranian Health Ministry confirmed Iran is becoming a heavy contender to the coronavirus outbreak. The number of confirmed cases in Iran rose by more than 50% for two consecutive days, bringing the total number to 2,336, the highest number outside China.

Moreover, the disease has killed at least 77 people and these figures are strongly believed to be significantly higher, as some cases go unreported, or unconfirmed.

Furthermore, 23 of Iranian parliamentarians are currently suffering from the virus infection, leading to a postponement of all parliamentary sessions. In addition to this, a top adviser to Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khomeini died out as a result of the virus according to information gotten from the deputy speaker Abdolreza Mesri.

It was also reported that Iran rejected help from the United States of America regarding the coronavirus.

The inmates would only be allowed out of prison only if they tested negative for COVID-19 and also posted bail. However, “Security prisoners” which include those with sentences of more than five years would be refused bail and not be let out of the prison.

It was confirmed that several top-class political prisoners may be let out of the jail. It is believed that many Americans jailed on accounts of spying and espionage will be let out. Some had already been fighting to be let out due to the discovery of coronavirus cases in their cells.

It isn’t clear if there’s good statistical data of the prisoners on the COVID-19 virus. It is also unknown if the death rate includes those in prisons or not. However, Iran remains a hotbed for coronavirus and their government is taking drastic measures to reverse this, one of which is the release of prisoners.

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