About Us

About Us

What Is Healthie.com.ng?

Healthie.com.ng is a fast rising health blog owned and managed by Raji Ridwan. This blog was created based on the principle that:
Maintaining good health should be the primary focus of everyone.
Sangram Singh
We know the value of your health, and we know you always have to try to make it better, so this blog was primarily created to make your health better!

· Who We Are.

Healthie.com.ng is a favourite source for the most reliable health tips and articles on the internet and we plan to do even more better.

· Our Aims.

We aim to provide the internet with the most reliable health tips and become the most trusted source for health tips and advice. We want to gain everyone's trust, and become the most visited health blog in the world. We also strive for honesty and transparency to allow our audience have full confidence in us.
We also want to make sure you're satisfied.

· Our Vision.

We want to become a quality supplier of the best health tips in a few years to come.
We also want to provide the community with free health advice, and sponsor a lot of health programmes, because, that's what we stand for.

· Meet The Team. 

Raji Ridwan Olayemi (Layemi).

Raji Ridwan Olayemi (Layemi) is a young Nigerian who is so passionate about seeing you live healthily.
At present, he is the only one who manages the blog Healthie.com.ng.
He is always seen reading or writing. When you see anyone always either writing or reading, you are probably seeing Layemi.
Do you like www.healthie.com.ng? Tell us by contacting us, we love your feedbacks a lot.

We also have our terms and conditions and privacy policy.
It will do you a great good if you find some time to read it. Just like this, it's simple, concise and precise.


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